Origin of the name Mumbai and Different names of Mumbai

The history of Mumbai is very interesting. This article gives a brief history how mumbai got its name and various other names by which this beautiful city was called as.

The history of Mumbai is very interesting. This article gives a brief history how mumbai got its name and various other names by which this beautiful city was called as.


Oldest names of Mumbai

Much before the advent of the Britishers and much before the Mughals and any other kings, it iss believed that Indus valley civilization existed around India. The remains of Harappa and Mohenjodaro are the proof of this. During this time, Mumbai was referred as Kakamuchee and Galajunkja. These have no existence today. Nobody even knows about these names.

Origin of the name Mumbai

Around 16th century, Kolis (marathi word for fishermen) lived in the present day Mumbai. This was because of the large islands in Mumbai. They had Goddess Mumbadevi. A temple was built near present day CST for this goddess. It was believed all the problems of the kolis would be solved by the Mumbadevi Goddess. The word Mumbai originated from this Goddess Mumbadevi.
Mumbai is combination of Mumba + aai. This means Goddess Mumbadevi is much like our mother(aai). So, the name Mumbai originated. The local Kolis called this place as Mumbai since then. This was much before the British gave Mumbai its name. Although Britishers had established their East India Company, they were still to become rulers.

Origin of the name Bombay

Portuguese invaders and visiters often visited Mumbai. They stayed here and a large population of Mumbai is still Portuguese. They gave Mumbai the name Bombay. In Portuguese, Bombay is split as Bom-bay. In Potuguese, Bom means good. It is argued that bay refers to an island bay. But nevertheless, this name became famous for Portuguese. When Britishers started gaining control of India, they had established their base at Mumbai. They officially adopted the Portuguese name and made it Bombay. In fact, they gave the entire area the name as Bombay Province. The entire western India including Gujrat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh came in the Bombay Province. The Britishers defeated the Marathas, Tipu Sultan and the Nizam to gain full control of India. Bombay was given by the Britishers is a false statement. It is actually a Portuguese name. The name Bombay is given by the Portuguese.

Some other names of Mumbai

Some of the other names of Bombay or Mumbai are as follows:
1. Mombayn
2. Mombaym
3. Bombaym
4. Mombaim
5. Bambaye
6. Boon Bay

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