JBT Entrance Exam (2010) English Question Paper


Here is list of questions which were asked in the English Section of JBT Entrance Exam 2010.

Note: Direction for Question No. 26 to 28: Choose out of the four alternatives, one which can be substituted for the given phrase/sentence

26. Herculean task
a. A work of no worth
b. A work requiring very great intelligence
c. An effortless task
d. A work requiring very great efforts.

27. Living at the same time
a. . Contemporary
b. Concurrent
c. Concomitant
d. Coincident

28. Wild and noisy disorder.
a. Agitation
b. Pandemonium
c. Revolution
d. Stir.

29. Which one word for the words inscribed on a tomb.
a. Epitaph
b. Bathos
c. Affidavit
d. Cemetery

30. Choose the appropriate verb of the reported speech.
He said to the students ,"Do not sit here".
a. Forbade the students.
b. Asked the students
c. Ordered the students
d. Advised the students.

31. Choose the correctly spelt word.
a. Wilful
b. Willful
c. Wilfull
d. Willfull

Note: In question No. 32 to 35 tick out the correct meaning of the words underlined in the following sentences.

32. The crew set the ship on fire and abandoned it.
a. Vacated
b. Failed
c. Lose
d. Gain

33. People like him because he is generous.
a. Kind
b. Liberal
c. Miser
d. Beautiful

34. Since he was contended, he never complained.
a. Happy
b. Sad
c. Satisfied
d. Dejected

35. He confessed that he has committed a fault.
a. Refused
b. Admitted
c. Denied
d. None of these.

Note: Choose the correct form of active/passive voice in question no. 36& 37.

36. You did not respect him.
a. He has not been respected by you.
b. He will not be respected by you.
c. He was not respected by you.
d. He had not been respected by you.

37. This exercise needs being corrected.
a. Correct this exercise.
b. This exercise needs to be corrected.
c. This exercise needs correcting.
d. There is need for this exercise correcting.

Note: choose the correct form of Direct/Indirect narration in Q. No. 38 & 39

38. He said to me, " You are a brilliant young man".
a. He told me that I was a brilliant young man.
b. He told me that I was a brilliant young man.
c. He told me that I was a brilliant young man.
d. He told me that I am a brilliant young man.

39. He asked me if my father took exercise every morning.
a. He asked from me, " Does your father take exercise every morning?"
b. He said to me," Does your father take exercise every morning?"
c. He told me, " Does your father had taken exercise every morning?"
d. He said to me, " Does your father take exercise every morning?"

40. Choose the correct synonym for Havoc.
a. Devastation
b. Prosperity
c. Worldly
d. Clear

41. Select the correct meaning of "gift og gab".
a. To get something free.
b. To win prize.
c. To distribute gift.
d. Talent for speaking.

Note: Choose the correct word given in phrase of Q. No. 42 & 43

42. A piece of land surrounded by water
a. Lawn
b. Island
c. Oasis
d. Harbor.

43. A paper written by hand
a. Manuscript
b. Craft paper
c. White paper
d. Epigram

Note: Choose nearly opposite word of the given words in Q. No. 44 & 45

44. Loss
a. Gain
b. Secure
c. Open
d. Locked

45. Obstinate
a. Submissive
b. Trusted
c. Confused
d. Determined

Question no. 46 to 50 was of comprehension. A paragraph was given and candidate had to answer these question based upon passage.


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