Rain Birds of Himachal

Traditions of Himachal through strange, are authentic and deep rooted. One such tradition pertains to rain bird. Legend has it that it rains only when Kurl (the male rain bird) and Kuralni (the female rain bird) sit turn wise at separate intervals.

But how could the sitting of two birds cause of end rain? Why does it not rain when they are not sitting? What could be the scientific cause behind such heavy rain?

An octogenarian, educated of course, once told how Kurl and Kurlni fall in love in the month of 'Sawan '. It being a pleasant month, they come close to each other.but when they get satiety in love making, they separate. The Kurl sits at some secret place where it things the Kurlni couldn't possibly locate it. But god is grate in establishing a continuous cycle of Procreations so that the rare species don't extinguish. Hence ,at such a time lord Indra sends heavy rains creating a pleasant water which compiles the Kurl and Kurlai to come close to each other thereby performing the at of procreation.

Another legend reveals how Kurl and Kurlani are the reincarnation of an old woman's son and daughter in law. They had a pare of bullock who were the only source of procuring food. Once there there was a severe drought and it was difficult to find even drink water. The old woman would often ask her son and daughter in-law ti do something for the fodde5r and drinking water for the particular ox assigned to each other.

At that time, the village people had also arranged for worship in the temple in order to end drought. There was also going on a grand village fair. There were dance, music and beating of the drums. Hearing the alluring drum beats, the old woman's son was tempted to go to the four, thereby letting his particular ox go thirsty and hungry. He misinformed his mother that he had duly fed his ox.

On the other hand, the daughter in law ignores the charming fair, but did her duty well. That night, the son's bullock died of hunger and thirst cursing his master to be a bird and cry for water. But the other bullock survived blessing his mistress to be noble and helpful to suffering mankind.

True animals, birds and insects are the friends of man they are not at all selfish. It is man himself who is selfish. They are more sensitive then men. The dogs and other animals start crying and howling before severe earthquake take place. The Kurl starts crying for heavy rain, when man needs it badly. The Kurlani as per her nature, saves mankind at the right hour.

Hence begins the worship of rain birds and insects in Himachal. Such a traditional worship purifies the very psyche of hill people of hill people thereby stopping them from going astray.


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