Computer Network and Data communication Question Paper of 2010

B.Tech 7th semester Examnination
Computer Network and Data communication

Time-3 hours Max. Marks:100

Note:-Attempt Five Question in all selecting one Question from each of the sections A,B,C and D and all the sub-Parts of questions in Section-E.


1.Explain various functions of layers in tcp/ip reference model.
2.a)write short notes on narrow band ISDN.
b) Write short notes on various transmission media.

Section :-B
3.a)Explain any two framing techniques.
b).write short notes on error control at data link layer.

4. a) explain working of selective repeat ARQ sliding window protocol.
b) Write short note on HDLC protocol.

Section –C

5.a) Write short notes on limited contention protocols.
b). Explain the function of various field in IEEE 802.5 frame

6).a)discuss the concept of distributed queue dual bus.
b). what is channel allocation? Explain.


7. What is routing? Explain the important properties thet a routing protocol
should satisfy. Discuss link state routing algorithm.

8. a)Explain transport layer services.
b).discuss the function of various of fields in UDP header.

9.a)What is packet Fragmentation?
b). list is characteristics of a MAN?
c).List any four advantages of circuit switching.
d).Define the term socket in transport layer.
e).What is collision detection?
f).What is a bridge?
h).What do you mean by Congestion control?
g).What is slotted Aloha protocol?
i). What is checksum?
j).What is Machanism encoding ?

This question paper is come in dec HP University.


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