Paper of Natural language Processor 7th Sem. B.Tech (CSE)-2010

HPU question paper:-

Paper of Natural language Processor 7th Sem. B.Tech (CSE)-2010
Paper code-cs-7004

Section A:-

1.)a).How is the lexicography related to natural language processing? Explain with example.
b.)Differentiate between pragmatics and discourse integration.

2.)Discuss the following:
a) Word level representation of natural language.

b) scope of ambiguity in natural languages.

Section :-B

3.)Describe the following:-
A)applicability of a grammar in NLP.

B) Chomsky hierarchy

4) Write an algorithm for converting an arbitrary context sensitive grammar into Chomsky normal form. Explain it with a suitable example.

Section C

5. What are the issues in parsing? describe various techniques used for parsing with suitable example.

6. Discuss various uses of ATN and RTN in computation linguistics.


7. How the knowledge is represented using semantic networks? Also explain how information is deduced from semantic networks.

8. How the man-machine interface is designed using NLP techniques? Explain with Example

Section E (compulsory)

a) What is the need of NLP system?

b) Why is it difficult to process the natural languages?

c) Describe type-2 grammar.

d) What do you understand by left associative grammars?

e) Describe the properties of prolog.

f) Differentiate between syntax and semantics?

g) What is graph model?

h)Explain the advantages of speech understanding system?


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