Trains From / In / Towards Bangalore Central

Find the trains which are starting from and stopping at Bangalore Central to various parts of the country.

Find the complete list of the trains which are starting or connecting or stopping at the Bangalore Central.

is main railways station in the city which has most of the train starting, connecting and stopping here.

Note: Please add a 1 before every number listed below. These are new train number issue by Railway Department. Example 6501 will now be 16501

Trains From / In / Towards Bangalore CentralTrain number & nameArrivalDepartureMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
Adi Sbc Express (6501)4:45EndsNYNNNNN
Ahmadabad Exp (6502)Starts13:30NNNNNNY
Aii Mys Express (6209)4:004:30NNNNYNY
Ajmer Express (6210)21:2521:50NYNYNNN
Bagmati Express (2577)20:40EndsNYNNNNN
Bagmati Express (2578)Starts9:00NNNNYNN
Bangalore Exp (2609)19:50EndsYYYYYYY
Bangalore Exp (2678)20:15EndsYYYYYYY
Bangalore Exp (2691)5:556:45NNNNYNN
Bangalore Exp (2785)6:25EndsYYYYYYY
Bangalore Exp (6228)4:30EndsYYYYYYY
Bangalore Exp (6228B)4:30EndsNNYNYNY
Bangalore Exp (6316)8:35EndsNYNYNYN
Bangalore Exp (6322)9:45EndsNNYNNNN
Bangalore Exp (6525)6:55EndsYYYYYYY
Bangalore Gr Ex (0687)5:55EndsNNYNNNN
Bangalore Mail (2657)5:10EndsYYYYYYY
Bangalore Passr (235)4:00EndsYYYYYYY
Bangalore Sf Ex (2683)4:20EndsNNYNNNY
Banglore Rjdhni (2430)6:35EndsYYNNYYN
Brindavan Exp (2639)13:20EndsYYYYYYY
Brindavan Exp (2640)Starts14:30YYYYYYY
Chamundi Exp (6215)9:40EndsYYYYYYY
Chamundi Expres (6216)Starts18:15YYYYYYY
Chennai Express (2610)Starts8:15YYYYYYY
Chennai Express (2692)22:4523:00NNNNNNY
Chennai Express (6221)23:3023:45YYYYYYY
Chennai Gr Exp (0688)Starts6:45NNNYNNN
Chennai Mail (2658)Starts22:45YYYYYYY
Coimbatore Exp (1013)21:5522:15YYYYYYY
Ernakulam Exp (2677)Starts6:15YYYYYYY
Ernakulam Sf Ex (2684)Starts17:15YNNYNNN
Ers Sbc Express (0641)10:00EndsNNNYNNN
Ers Sbc Express (0647)8:30EndsYNNNNNN
Gandhidham Exp (6506)Starts21:50NNNNNYN
Ghy Sbc Express (2510)11:50EndsYYNNNNY
Gimb Sbc Expres (6505)4:00EndsNYNNNNN
Gkp Sbc Express (2591)5:55EndsNNNNNYN
Gorakhpur Exp (2592)Starts16:40YNNNNNN
Guwahati Exp (2509)Starts23:30NNYYYNN
Hampi Exp (6592)Starts22:30YYYYYYY
Hampi Express (6591)6:10EndsYYYYYYY
Hampi Link Exp (6593)6:10EndsYYYYYYY
Hubli Express (2725)Starts13:50YYYYYYY
Hubli Passr (583)Starts22:00YYYYYYY
Hwh Mys Special (0803)3:103:30NNNNYNN
Intercity Exp (2726)13:50EndsYYYYYYY
Jaipur Express (2975)12:5513:05NNNYNYN
Jan Shatabdi Ex (2080)21:10EndsYNYYYYY
Janshatabdi Exp (2079)Starts6:00YNYYYYY
Jodhpur Express (6508)Starts21:50YNYNNNN
Jp Mysore Exp (2976)12:5013:05YNYNNNN
Ju Banglore Exp (6507)4:00EndsNNNYNYN
Kacheguda Exp (2786)Starts18:20YYYYYYY
Kanyakumari Exp (6526)Starts21:45YYYYYYY
Karnataka Exp (2627)Starts19:20YYYYYYY
Karnataka Exp (2628)13:40EndsYYYYYYY
Kcg Sbc Spl (789)12:10EndsNNNNNNY
Kochuveli Exp (6315)Starts17:15NNYNYNY
Kongu Express (2647)23:0023:15NNNNNNY
Kongu Express (2648)1:101:30NNYNNNN
Lalbagh Exp (2608)Starts6:30YYYYYYY
Lalbagh Express (2607)21:30EndsYYYYYYY
Lokmanya Tt Exp (1014)15:0515:25YYYYYYY
Mailaduturai Ex (6232)18:4519:05YYYYYYY
Mangalore Exp (6517)20:5020:55YYYYYYY
Mys Howrah Exp (0804)0:050:15NYNNNNN
Mysore Exp (6731)6:407:00YYYYYYY
Mysore Express (6222)4:105:00YYYYYYY
Mysore Express (6231)6:056:25YYYYYYY
Mysore Pass (214)7:107:30YYYYYYY
Mysore Pass (236)Starts23:55YYYYYYY
Prasanthi Exp (8463)11:30EndsYYYYYYY
Prasanthi Exp (8464)Starts14:00YYYYYYY
Rajdhani Exp (2429)Starts20:20YNYYNNY
Rani Chennamma (6589)Starts21:15YYYYYYY
Ranichennama Ex (6590)7:30EndsYYYYYYY
Sangha Mitra Ex (2296)20:40EndsYNYYYYY
Sanghamitra Exp (2295)Starts9:00YYYYNYY
Sbc Ers Express (0642)Starts18:50NNNNYNN
Sbc Ers Express (0648)Starts17:15NYNNNNN
Sbc Fast Psgn (586)5:55EndsYYYYYYY
Seshadri Expres (7209)Starts13:15YYYYYYY
Shatabdi Exp (2007)10:5011:00YNYYYYY
Shatabdi Exp (2008)16:1516:25YNYYYYY
Shatabdi Exp (2027)22:30EndsYNYYYYY
Shatabdi Exp (2028)Starts6:00YNYYYYY
Sheshadri Exp (7210)12:35EndsYYYYYYY
Shimoga Express (6227)Starts23:40YYYYYYY
Shimoga Express (6227B)Starts23:40NYNYNYN
Tippu Express (2613)13:30EndsYYYYYYY
Tippu Express (2614)Starts14:15YYYYYYY
Tirupati Passr (213)20:1520:30YYYYYYY
Trivandrum Exp (6321)Starts18:50NNNYNNN
Trivandrum Exp (6321)Starts18:50NNNYNNN
Tuticorin Exp (6732)21:0521:20YYYYYYY
Udyan Exp (6530)Starts20:10YYYYYYY
Udyan Express (6529)8:50EndsYYYYYYY
Vsg Sbc Link Ex (02779)7:30EndsYYYYYYY
Yesvantpur Exp (6518)7:057:10YYYYYYY

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