Bangalore BBMP Election 2010 Wards & Polling Booth Details

Election for BBMP are going to held on 28th March : Find below the list of your areas of place where you can vote for your perosn

Find the latest and Updted BBMP Election Results or BBMP Results Right here

Bangalore will be going for election in 2010 for Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). BBMP has increased it wards limitation from 147 wards to 198 wards with add surroundings Councils and small villages.
WardWardsMaps of WardsWard NoDelimited Ward Name
150YelahankaView ward information1Kempegowda Ward
150YelahankaView ward information2Chowdeswari Ward
150YelahankaView ward information3Atturu
150YelahankaView ward information4Yelahanka Satellite Town
152ByatarayanapuraView ward information5Jakkuru
152ByatarayanapuraView ward information6Thanisandra
152ByatarayanapuraView ward information7Byatarayanapura
152ByatarayanapuraView ward information8Kodigehalli
152ByatarayanapuraView ward information9Vidyaranyapura
152ByatarayanapuraView ward information10Dodda Bommasandra
152ByatarayanapuraView ward information11Kuvempu Nagar
155DasarahalliView ward information12Shettihalli
155DasarahalliView ward information13Mallasandra
155DasarahalliView ward information14Bagalakunte
155DasarahalliView ward information15T Dasarahalli
154Raja Rajeswari NagarView ward information16Jalahalli
154Raja Rajeswari NagarView ward information17J P Park
158HebbalaView ward information18Radhakrishna Temple Ward
158HebbalaView ward information19Sanjaya Nagar
158HebbalaView ward information20Ganga Nagar
158HebbalaView ward information21Hebbala
158HebbalaView ward information22Vishwanath Nagenahalli
160Sarvgna NagarView ward information23 Nagavara
160Sarvgna NagarView ward information24 HBR Layout
151K R PuramView ward information25Horamavu
151K R PuramView ward information26Ramamurthy Nagar
160Sarvgna NagarView ward information27 Banasavadi
160Sarvgna NagarView ward information28 Kammanahalli
160Sarvgna NagarView ward information29 Kacharkanahalli
160Sarvgna NagarView ward information30 Kadugondanahalli
159Pulakeshi Nagar (SC)View ward information31Kushal Nagar
159Pulakeshi Nagar (SC)View ward information32Kaval Bairasandra
158HebbalaView ward information33Manorayanapalya
158HebbalaView ward information34Gangenahalli
157MalleswaramView ward information35Aramane Nagara
157MalleswaramView ward information36Mattikere
154Raja Rajeswari NagarView ward information37Yeshwanthpura
154Raja Rajeswari NagarView ward information38HMT Ward
155DasarahalliView ward information39Chokkasandra
153YeshwantpuraView ward information40Dodda Bidarakallu
155DasarahalliView ward information41Peenya Industrial Area
154Raja Rajeswari NagarView ward information42Lakshmi Devi Nagar
156Mahalakshmi LayoutView ward information43Nandini Layout
156Mahalakshmi LayoutView ward information44Marappana Palya
157MalleswaramView ward information45Malleswaram
158HebbalaView ward information46Jayachamarajendra Nagar
159Pulakeshi Nagar (SC)View ward information47Devara Jeevanahalli
159Pulakeshi Nagar (SC)View ward information48Muneshwara Nagar
160Sarvgna NagarView ward information49 Lingarajapura
161C V Raman Nagar (SC)View ward information50 Benniganahalli
151K R PuramView ward information51Vijnanapura
151K R PuramView ward information52K R Puram
151K R PuramView ward information53Basavanapura
174Mahadevapura (SC)View ward information54 Hudi
151K R PuramView ward information55Devasandra
151K R PuramView ward information56A Narayanapura
161C V Raman Nagar (SC)View ward information57 C V Raman Nagar
161C V Raman Nagar (SC)View ward information58 New Tippasandara
160Sarvgna NagarView ward information59 Maruthi Seva Nagar
159Pulakeshi Nagar (SC)View ward information60 Sagayarapuram
159Pulakeshi Nagar (SC)View ward information61 S K Garden
162Shivaji NagarView ward information62 Ramaswamy Palya
162Shivaji NagarView ward information63 Jayamahal
157MalleswaramView ward information64Rajamahal Guttahalli
157MalleswaramView ward information65Kadu Malleshwar Ward
157MalleswaramView ward information66Subramanya Nagar
156Mahalakshmi LayoutView ward information67Nagapura
156Mahalakshmi LayoutView ward information68Mahalakshimpuram
154Raja Rajeswari NagarView ward information69Laggere
155DasarahalliView ward information70Rajagopal Nagar
155DasarahalliView ward information71Hegganahalli
153YeshwantpuraView ward information72Herohalli
154Raja Rajeswari NagarView ward information73Kottegepalya
156Mahalakshmi LayoutView ward information74Shakthi Ganapathi Nagar
156Mahalakshmi LayoutView ward information75Shankar Matt
157MalleswaramView ward information76Gayithri Nagar
164Gandhi NagarView ward information77 Dattatreya Temple
159Pulakeshi Nagar (SC)View ward information78 Pulikeshinagar
161C V Raman Nagar (SC)View ward information79 Sarvagna Nagar
161C V Raman Nagar (SC)View ward information80 Hoysala Nagar
151K R PuramView ward information81Vijnana Nagar
174Mahadevapura (SC)View ward information82 Garudachar Playa
174Mahadevapura (SC)View ward information83 Kadugodi
174Mahadevapura (SC)View ward information84 Hagadur
174Mahadevapura (SC)View ward information85 Dodda Nekkundi
174Mahadevapura (SC)View ward information86 Marathahalli
151K R PuramView ward information87HAL Airport
161C V Raman Nagar (SC)View ward information88 Jeevanbhima Nagar
163Shanti NagarView ward information89 Jogupalya
162Shivaji NagarView ward information90 Halsoor
162Shivaji NagarView ward information91 Bharathi Nagar
162Shivaji NagarView ward information92 Shivaji Nagar
162Shivaji NagarView ward information93 Vasanth Nagar
164Gandhi NagarView ward information94 Gandhinagar
164Gandhi NagarView ward information95 Subhash Nagar
164Gandhi NagarView ward information96 Okalipuram
165Rajaji NagarView ward information97 Dayananda Nagar
165Rajaji NagarView ward information98 Prakash Nagar
165Rajaji NagarView ward information99 Rajaji Nagar
165Rajaji NagarView ward information100 Basaveshwara Nagar
165Rajaji NagarView ward information101 Kamakshipalya
156Mahalakshmi LayoutView ward information102Vrisabhavathi Nagar
166Govindaraj NagarView ward information103 Kaveripura
166Govindaraj NagarView ward information104 Govindaraja Nagar
166Govindaraj NagarView ward information105 Agrahara Dasarahalli
166Govindaraj NagarView ward information106 Dr. Raj Kumar Ward
165Rajaji NagarView ward information107 Shivanagara
165Rajaji NagarView ward information108 Sriramamandir
164Gandhi NagarView ward information109 Chickpete
162Shivaji NagarView ward information110 Sampangiram Nagar
163Shanti NagarView ward information111 Shantala Nagar
163Shanti NagarView ward information112 Domlur
161C V Raman Nagar (SC)View ward information113 Konena Agrahara
163Shanti NagarView ward information114 Agaram
163Shanti NagarView ward information115 Vannarpet
163Shanti NagarView ward information116 Nilasandra
163Shanti NagarView ward information117 Shanthi Nagar
169ChickpetView ward information118 Sudham Nagara
169ChickpetView ward information119 Dharmaraya Swamy Temple *
164Gandhi NagarView ward information120 Cottonpete
164Gandhi NagarView ward information121 Binnipete
167VijayanagarView ward information122 Kempapura Agrahara
167VijayanagarView ward information123 Vijayanagar
167VijayanagarView ward information124 Hosahalli
166Govindaraj NagarView ward information125 Marenahalli
166Govindaraj NagarView ward information126 Maruthi Mandir ward
166Govindaraj NagarView ward information127 Mudalapalya
166Govindaraj NagarView ward information128 Nagarabhavi
154Raja Rajeswari NagarView ward information129Jnana Bharathi ward
153YeshwantpuraView ward information130Ullalu
166Govindaraj NagarView ward information131 Nayandahalli
167VijayanagarView ward information132 Attiguppe
167VijayanagarView ward information133 Hampi Nagar
167VijayanagarView ward information134 Bapuji Nagar
168ChamarajpetView ward information135 Padarayanapura
168ChamarajpetView ward information136 Jagajivanaramnagar
168ChamarajpetView ward information137 Rayapuram
168ChamarajpetView ward information138 Chalavadipalya
168ChamarajpetView ward information139 K R Market
168ChamarajpetView ward information140 Chamrajapet
168ChamarajpetView ward information141 Azad Nagar
169ChickpetView ward information142 Sunkenahalli
169ChickpetView ward information143 Vishveshwara Puram
169ChickpetView ward information144 Siddapura
169ChickpetView ward information145 Hombegowda Nagara
172BTM LayoutView ward information146 Lakkasandra
172BTM LayoutView ward information147 Adugodi
172BTM LayoutView ward information148 Ejipura
174Mahadevapura (SC)View ward information149 Varthuru
174Mahadevapura (SC)View ward information150 Bellanduru
172BTM LayoutView ward information151 Koramangala
172BTM LayoutView ward information152 Suddagunte Palya
169ChickpetView ward information153 Jayanagar
170BasavanagudiView ward information154 Basavanagudi
170BasavanagudiView ward information155 Hanumanth Nagar
170BasavanagudiView ward information156 Srinagar
167VijayanagarView ward information157 Gali Anjenaya Temple ward
167VijayanagarView ward information158 Deepanjali Nagar
153YeshwantpuraView ward information159Kengeri
154Raja Rajeswari NagarView ward information160Rajarajeshwari Nagar
171Padmanabha NagarView ward information161 Hosakerehalli
170BasavanagudiView ward information162 Girinagar
170BasavanagudiView ward information163 Katriguppe
170BasavanagudiView ward information164 Vidyapeeta ward
171Padmanabha NagarView ward information165 Ganesh Mandir ward
171Padmanabha NagarView ward information166 Karisandra
171Padmanabha NagarView ward information167 Yediyur
173JayanagarView ward information168 Pattabhiram Nagar
173JayanagarView ward information169 Byrasandra
173JayanagarView ward information170 Jayanagar East
173JayanagarView ward information171 Gurappanapalya
172BTM LayoutView ward information172 Madivala
172BTM LayoutView ward information173 Jakkasandra
175BommanahalliView ward information174 HSR Layout
175BommanahalliView ward information175 Bommanahalli
172BTM LayoutView ward information176 BTM Layout
173JayanagarView ward information177 J P Nagar
173JayanagarView ward information178 Sarakki
173JayanagarView ward information179 Shakambari Nagar
171Padmanabha NagarView ward information180 Banashankari Temple ward
171Padmanabha NagarView ward information181 Kumaraswamy Layout
171Padmanabha NagarView ward information182 Padmanabha Nagar
171Padmanabha NagarView ward information183 Chikkalsandra
176Bangalore SouthView ward information184 Uttarahalli
176Bangalore SouthView ward information185 Yelchenahalli
175BommanahalliView ward information186 Jaraganahalli
175BommanahalliView ward information187 Puttenahalli
175BommanahalliView ward information188 Bilekhalli
175BommanahalliView ward information189 Hongasandra
175BommanahalliView ward information190 Mangammanapalya
177Anekal (SC)View ward information191 Singasandra
176Bangalore SouthView ward information192 Begur
175BommanahalliView ward information193 Arakere
176Bangalore SouthView ward information194 Gottigere
176Bangalore SouthView ward information195 Konankunte
176Bangalore SouthView ward information196 Anjanapura
176Bangalore SouthView ward information197 Vasanthpura
153YeshwantpuraView ward information198Hemmigepura


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