Do you Know Why I love Bengaluru?

My Bag was stolen when I was at Bengaluru at my first business visit, and Some College Students help to return back to my home by donating me my bus fair.

This is my personal experience at Bengaluru, and I thought to thank the students of Al Ameen College, who helped me to go back to my native.

The Story follows :

In the year 1999 I was working as Computer Hardware Engineer in a very reputed firm at Pune City and one of my work was to travel some cities to buy computer parts. This was one part of my job.

Hence My boss gave me 20,000 Rupees in Cash and asked me to travel to Bengaluru and to stay for four five days and get all the required information about the hardware market, rates, shops and many other things.

I started from Pune in the night at 9.P.M. by a luxury bus, and reached Bengaluru at or so.

I kept all the 20,000 in my bag and have 100 to 150 rupees in my purse were there for my personal expenses after my bus ticket, I got down from the bus, As I was totally new to bengalur city, I dont remember where i was droped down by the bus. I went to a restuarent and had my breakfast and tea.

As soon as i finished my breakfast, i was in search of a good lodge and went on searching and asking to people, And one man with a smile came to me and told me there is good lodge nearby, if you like to have the room there, I will help you, I agreed and followed the man, In between I asked him if there is a toilet nearby, because i was in urgent, he took me to the nearby paid toilet and I wanted to go in urgent, I asked him to look after my bag, I will come soon.

After finishing, I came back and not found the man, I enquired about him to nearby persons and the toilet guard and every one, they said we didnt see any man with you, I went to the nearby police station and complain about the incedent, and in these things i also forget to check my purse, during the enquiring and completing process, My purse also became empty and there were only 20 to 30 rupees in my purse.

By walking here and there in problem, I forget to call any one I got disturbed, In those days there were no mobile phones are available in common, and for std phones I was not having the money,

I started walking and walking and reached a college on the road, I dont even know which road was that and I saw some students were shouting and playing outside the college in a small restaurant, I went to a student who was looking to be very active and told my problem, That was the student he helped me, first off all he took me to the restaurant and gave me a good breakfast again, and called all his friends and told my problem to him and they started to collect the money and brought to give me.

I told them please dont give the money in my hands, because i dont know any thing about Bengaluru so please take me to bus stand and get the ticket for Pune. So two of them accepted this and took me to the bus stand, got my ticket and gave me some pocket money and they were there for long time till my bus left Bengaluru. And at last I reached back to Pune.

That's why I love Bengaluru and Specially Students of Bengaluru.

Thanks again for those Al Ameen College Students.


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