Asthma Treatment and Dignosis

Here in this post you will get information disease called asthma, what are symptoms,causes,treatment, medication etc



millions of peoples from worldwide suffering from asthma, it's a common disease.


lung fills the oxygen in blood; oxygen is most essential thing from human life. In breathing process air enters from mouth and node and then goes to trachea (air pipe) . After that it passed to different small tubes. Small balloon like structured present at end of these tubes.

Symptoms and causes:

In simple terms asthma means difficulty in breathing. Which makes us fell toughness in chest.

These patients are very sensitive or allergic to certain thing which causes swelling of inner lining on lungs and ultimately it narrows down the air passage.

Muscles around the air tube also start narrowing that gain troubles the air passage.

Allergic item can trigger the asthma attack so such person should stay away from allergic thing. Sometimes very cold and very hot temperature also triggers asthma.

Particles from dust, medicines such as aspirin, food additives etc can also trigger asthma. Laughing or crying loudly can also trigger the asthma.


Before giving any medicine doctors tell person to have Pulmonary Function Test which determines the ability of lungs. How they are functioning. Sometimes they ask for chest X-Ray also.


When asthma attack comes, try to stabilize your breathing quickly as possible. Patient need to monitor their breathing capacities regularly.

Bronchodilators are used to prevent or abort the acute attack og asthma , this is medication act quickly and can be inhaled. Some long duration medication also available.

Asthma warning signs:

Mood swings
Stuffy and blocked nose
Chin/ throat sensitivity and itching
Feeling of tiredness
Trouble in sleeping


Long-acting beta-agonists , Inhaled corticosteroids, Leukotriene inhibitors, Zileuton (Zyflo), zafirlukast (Accolate), and montelukast (Singulair) , Cromolyn sodium, Omalizumab these types of medication are used for asthma.

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Guest Author: pramod22 Jul 2010

This is very rough idea about this disease.
kindly contact your doctor as Asthma is very
dangerous and not to be treated with any home
i think author has no idea about it .

Guest Author: Sunil Chavan22 Jul 2010

Dear pramod !!
you said it correctly that asthma is dangerous disease . but this post is giving just overall idea bout this disease ,no treatment and diagnosis is discussed i details.

no recommendation on home remedies are given in post , please try to read posts with positive attitude ..
If you have in depth idea of it , please post it ..
your valuable inputs will be welcomed !!

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