Knee Injury and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

Know more about common knee injuries and other sever knee injuries and total knee replacement.

Knee Injury

Knee anatomy:

Knee is joining point four bones, out of which Thigh bone (femur) and shin bone (tibia) and form main knee join. Head of fibula bone is also join their which gives more stability while walking, running. Fourth bones are Knee cap which helps joint and muscles around joint. Knee cap also called as patella.

There are two important muscles in leg, Quadriceps muscle and hamstring muscle. Inside the knee, there are two shock-absorbing pieces of cartilage called menisci.

Types of Knee injuries:

Most general injuries are twisting and stretching in knee joint.
Ligament tear: its damage level decide the severity on knee join injury
Injuries to muscles around knee joint due over use of them, like hypertension and hyper-extension.

Acute knee injury cause immediate swelling and unbearable pain , in this injury person cannot bear his weight.


Diagnosis by testing mechanical movements of joints.
Test for fracture or contusion
Tests for ligament tear


These injuries cannot be treated at once, patient to visit more times at regular intervals. There is no such surgery defined, it's totally depend on type of injury. In normal scenarios RICE method used i.e. rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. It's followed by some exercises. Sometimes patient need to used crunches to support while walking.

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Knee joint replacement:

it is required to end long pains, stiffness or loss of function of knees. In Knee joint replacement man made knee joint placed instead of original one.

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