Nagpur Formerly Berar State History & Information

This resources contain information about Nagpur Formerly Berar State History & Information.

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Nagpur Formerly Berar State History & Information

History of Vidarbha Region

References of Mahabharata the word of present Vidarbha region had Berar or Warhad formed from previous Deccan Kingdom. The local language pronounce of Marathi changed the warhad to Warhadi. Vidarbha region is composition of Berar state & Nagpur state. where the Nagpur division contain Bhandara, Chanda, Balaghat, Wardha districts. Berar state contain Amravati, Akola, Ellichpur, Buldhana, Basim and Wun districts.

विदर्भा आणि बरार इतिहास

बरार हे राज्य आपल्याला महाभारताच्या दक्कन या राज्यशी सम्बन्ध दर्शवते. इतिहास अभ्यासकांच्या मते सध्याचे विदर्भा हे नाव मराठी उचरने अस्तित्वात आले. विदर्भा हा मराठी भाषिक प्रदेश आहे जो पूर्वी सीपी आणि बरार या इंग्रज कालीन राज्याचा भाग होता. पूर्वी नागपुर विभाग हा या राज्याची राजधानी होता. स्वातंत्र्य नंतरही मध्य प्रान्त या राज्याची राजधानी होता. जेवा मराठी भाषिक राज्य मंजे बॉम्बे प्रान्त हे महाराष्ट्रात सामिल होउन तसेच विदर्भा असा अविभाज्य हा आजचा महाराष्ट्र आहे. [Hindi Type in Epic Browser]

विदर्भा आणि बरार इतिहास घटनाक्रम - Events of Vidarbha

Mahabharat - Berar was Part of Vidarbha Kingdom
322 BC-185 BC Under Mauryan_Empire
100 BC-199 Satavahana dynasty
250 Vakataka dynasty starts
510 Vakataka rules end
510-580 Ahirs or Abhira rule for 67 years. Named forts of Gawilgad, Asirgad. [2]
5xx-750 Chalukya dynasty
750-973 Rashtrakuta dynasty
973-1188 Chalukya dynasty again
1188- Yadava of Deogiri
1292 Invaded by Khilji
1318 Annexed by Khilji to Delhi Sultanate
1348 Become One of five Province of Bahmani Sultanate
1400 Firoz Shah Bahmani Halted at Ellichpur and expedite against Gond of Kherla.
1425-1428 Ahmed Shah Wali of Bahmani repaired forts of Gawilgad and Narnala
1478 Bahmani divide Berar into two Province of Gawil and Mahur
1490 Imad-ul-Mulk Started Imad Shahi Dynasty of Berar established. Ellichpur made Capital of Berar.
1504 Aladdin Imad Shah made Gawilgad his Capital
1529 Darya Imad Shah rules until 1562
1562 Burhan Imad Shah overthrown in 1568
1568 Tufal Khan Dakhni rules until 1572
1572 Murtaza Nizam Shah of Ahmendnagar invaded Berer and annexed to its dominions
1596 Chand Bibi ceded Berar to Akbar. Prince Murad settled at Balapur and made Shahapur
1598 Murad died. Price Daniyal governs Berar, Kahndesh and Ahmednagar
1605 Daniyal died and Malik Ambar governs it.
1611 Malik Ambar defied Mughal sovereignty
1614 Raja Man Singh, General of Jahangir dies a natural death at Ellichpur.
1636-1634 Aurangzeb become viceroy of four deccan subah including Berar
1653-1657 Aurangzeb become viceroy of four deccan subah including Berar for Second time.
1680 Sambhaji
1698 Rajaram
1720 Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath got right from Mughal to collect revenue from Berar.
1724 Asif Jah established Nizam State and invaded Berar.
1737 Asif Jah and Maratha fight for Supremacy.
1760 ceded to Maratha Peshwa
1785 Bhosla Raja of Nagpur governs
1803 Battle of Adgaon. British transferred Berer to Nizam.
1822 Maratha loses right to tribute
1853 British Company maintained Hyderbad Assigned Districts of Nizam.
1860 Nizam treaty modified
1903 Berar attached to Central Province to make CP&Berar
1947 CP& Berar become province of India
1950 Berer included in then Madhya Pradesh
1956 Berar and Nagpur become part of Bombay State
1960 Berar included in new Maharashtra State.

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