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In the Maharashtra their are many places which are we can visit also travel in many city who has the best and beautiful in nature. This post contains the inforamtion about the Aurangabad and nearest places in Aurangabad.

Information About Aurangabad District - Main Place of Marathwada

In the west-centeal of the Maharashtra state and south western in India, on the Kaum River, Aurangabad is situated. First aurangabad is found by Malik Ambar in the 1610 as Khadki. Name was changed by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The city is known for its artistic Silk fabrics, particularly shawls. South of the city is Industrial Area, which has encouraged several modern industries including engineering, electronics products, scooters and pharmaceticals. The Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University has several affiliated college; it has board of secondary and higher secondary education. The city is also a popular tourist center due to proximity to famous Ellora and Ajenta Caves.

Best Tourist and Tourism Places In The Aurangabad

Water Mill In The Aurangabad

Water Mill In Aurangabad is based on the bank of the Kham River. This is a pleasant place. This water mill is open for see inside to the people from 8.00am to 8.00pm . On the friday entry of this water mill is free of cost but other day you want to pay some amount of money. This water mill is also call the Pan Chakki . This mill is operated on the water therefore it is called as water mill. In ancient time, this is Miraculous Machine .

Bargad and Well In Aurangabad

Bargad is the old gaint tree. Some people are tell about this tree is this tree is 600 years old. Near to this place we can found one well also. This well is 15 meter deep.

Masjit In Aurangabad

Here one of the beautiful Masjit is located.It is also called in english is Mosque. In front of these mosque one tank is located. In this tank colourfull fishes you can see. Here , you aslso found the fountan..

Dargah In Aurangabad

This Dargah is created by the asif Jahg who are the founder of Haidrabad Sansthan. In this place you can not do the sing the song, dance and so other mis behaivar. In front of this small garden is created. Here one hall is present where liabrey is located.

Bebi Ka Makbara In Aurangabad

This building was build by in the memory of the forth queen Dilras Bano Begam who was the queen of the King Aurangjeb . She was priness of the Irani Royal Family. Prince Aajamshah was build this Bebi Ka Makbara in the 1650 to 1660. This is duplicate of the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is located in Agra. Total spending money for Bebi Ka Makbara is 60 Lakhs 68 Thousnads. In the front of this Bebi Ka Makbara one tank is present. And center of this tank fountans are present. Base of this building is on the 6 Meter high. If you want to see this Bebi Ka Makabara the n some entry fees are collected. But on the friday entry is free of the cost.

Caves In Aurangabad

Nipat Niranjan Caves In Aurangabad

These caves are Boudh religion caves. These caves are diveded into three division that are caves 1 to 5 , caves 6 to 9 and caves 10 to 12. Total length of these cave is 2 Kilometer. First two division of these caves are very easy to enter and exit but caves in third division is very difficult to enter and exit. From these 12 caves first 11 caves are boudh monastery and one is Chetya gruh.

Ellora Caves In Aurangabad

World's fame, one of the best caves are Ellora Caves. In this cave you can found the three culture, the y are Boudh Culture, Hindu Culture and Jain Culture. Here nearly 35 caves are present. First 1 to 12 cave are Boudh, 13 to 29 caves are Hindu Caves and Last 30 to 34 cave are Jain Caves. Length of these caves are 1.5 km. Name was given to these caves are Ellora Caves because of the nearest village name is Ellora.

Ajenta Caves In Aurangabad

On the north side of the Aurangabad city, at 110 kilometer Ajeta caves are located. From Jalgaon Ajenta caves at 60 kilometer. In Ajenta there are 30 caves are present. In 1819 some British soilder was going to hunting isn theforest. they have found these caves. Painting in thsese caves are new . You look these painting is painted in now days..


From the Aurangabad at the 12 kilometer and 4 Kilometer from the Ellora, one small but beautiful village is located whose name is Khuldabad In ancient time Khuladabad name is Bharavati . King called this village Khuldabad because Khuld means heaven. When you enter in the Khuldabad one arch is present. On the right hand side Aurangjeb's Kabar (grave) is present. But death of aurangjeb is in the Ahmednagar . But Aurangjeb's desire was his grave is in the Aurangabad. Distance between Ahmednagar to Aurangabad is 150 kilometer .


In our India there are 12 Jortiling are located. one of this Jortiling is located in the Ghurneshwar . this is self-extent Jortiling . On the east side of this temple one river is flowing.

How To Go?

By Air

From Mummbai to Aurangabad 2 times plane comes per day.

By Rail

Manmad to Kachiguda, Ajentha Express Railway is present. And Ellora Express is also present.

By Road

There are best road from the Mumbai to Aurangabad as well as north side cities. Here you can get buses, Taxies, Motar etc.
Aurangabad to Ellora-29 kilometer
Aurangabad to Jalgaon-161 kilometer
Aurangabad to Shirdi- 154 kilometer
Aurangabad to Nashik- 229 kiolmeter
Aurangabad to Pune- 307 kilometer
Aurangabad to Ahmednagar-112 kilometer

Places of Residence

1.Rama International Hotel:-
It is located at the Chikalthana. Phone number is 8450.

2.Hotel Natraj:-
It is located at the Aurangabad.

3.Meghdut Hotel:-

4.Ashoka Hotel:-
It is located on the Pethan Gate.
And so many hotels are present in the Aurangabad

5.Nilam Hotel:-
It is on the Bhadkalgate.

Banks In the Aurangabad

1.State Bank of Haidrabad
2.Kenra Bank
3.Maharashtra Bank
4.United Western Bank
5.Bank Of India
6.Dena Bank
7.Sarswat Bank
And so many banks are located in the Aurangabad.


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