Microprocessor And Microcontroller Question bank and sample Paper

Microprocessor And Microcontroller Question bank and sample Paper

Question Bank

Q1) Draw the diagram of mini mode, showing clearly the latches, transreciver&clock generator chips? How does 8086 convert a logical adding to physical add.? Give example.

Q2) Draw & explain maxi mode of 8086.

Q3) Write functions of ALE pin.

Q4)Explain the flag register of 8086/8088.

Q5) what is the reset add of 8086.

Q6) Explain the importance & functioning of
a) ALE pin b) Mov ax, 004CH INT 21 H c) Mov ax,@ Data Mov DS, AX
d) Min/Maxi pin. e)DT/R f) INTR g) RESET h)TEST

Q7) Draw functional Block diagram of 8086 & explain.

Q8) Differentiate MIN&MAX mode.

Q9) explain with neat memory segmentation in 8086 microprocessor.

Q10) Explain role of 8288 in max mode.

Q11) Draw & explain Read cycle of 8086

Q12) How physical add. is produced to access a code byte ?What are the registers
involved in the process? Explain with suitable example & diagram.

Q13) Explain the stack structure of 8086.

Q14) Why the memory of 8086 is divided in to EVEN &ODD banks. Prepare table &
Show the logic levels of Ao& BHE for different types of data Transfer

Q15) Compare memory mapped I/O mapped I/O.

Q16) How 8086 Access a byte or word from Even & odd memory banks? Explain by
Giving examples.

Q17) Explain meaning of memory mapped I/O & I/O mapped I/O.

Q18) Interface 4 8K chips of static Ram & two 4K chips of EPROM with 8086.Interface two of the RAM chips at 0000:0000H, so as to accommodate IVT in them. The remaining two RAM chips are to be interfaced at the end of 0005:0000H, two EPROM chips should be, interfaced 000A:0000, absolute decoding scheme.

Q19) Design 8086 based system with the following specification
1)8086 in mini mode 2)64 KB EPROM 3)64 KB RAM
Draw complete schematic of design indicating add. map.

Q20) Draw write cycle timing diagram & Explain

Q21) Explain what is Assembler directive? Db PTR, Assume ORG, DQ, DT, DW,

Q22) Describe 5 assembler directive used in data segment, (stack segment) if any .

Q23) Differentiate between macro& procedure, justify where micro is suitable than
procedure with example .

24) Explain the following instruction. XLAT, DAS, DAA, SHR, SHL, LEA, LES.

Q25) Write AL program for Hex to BCD & BCD to Hex conversion.

Q26) Write AL program for palindrome checking.

Q27) Write AL program to convert uppercase to lower case accept the string from user.
Write appropriate comments.

Q28) Write 8086 ALP to display string on the screen. The program is to be written as s
.com file .Use appropriate DOS CALLS. How will you convert .ASM file to .Com
File .Give details of each step you perform for such conversion.

Q29)Write program to find out largest no from unordered array of 12 element (8 bit) stored sequentially in memory locations starting at offset 0500H in the segment 2000H.

Q30) Write Ass. Language program to generate delay of 1 sec .using a micro running at 5
MHZ also show the delay calculations.

Q31) Differentiate Near proc & FAR proc

Sample Paper

Draw & explain the block diagram of 8259 PIC.

Write the initialization instruction for 8259 PIC for the following specification:
a) Interrupt type 32 b) Edge triggered, single & ICW4 needed
c) Mask interrupts IR1 & IR3

what are the different modes of operation of 8253 Timer .Explain mode 2 & mode 4
with waveforms.

Give the control word format for 8253/54.Write a program to initialize counter 2 in
mode 0 with a count of C030 Assume address for control word register =0B counter
0=08H, counter 1=09H & counter 2=0A.

With help of block diagram explain various modes of operation of 8255.

Explain BSR & I/O mode word formats of the 8255 PPI.Write a BSR control word
Subroutine to set bits PC7 & PC3 & reset them after 10 msec. Assume that a delay
Subroutine is available. Address for control word register = 83H.

Draw & explain functional block diagram of 8279.

Write the sequence of instruction required to initialize 8251 at Address 80H 81H for
the configuration given below :
a)Character length -6bits b) Parity-even c) Stop bit -1 d) Baud rate-64X e) DTR &
RTS asserted f) Error flag reset g) Transmitter Enable

Explain the command words/controls words of 8259 in details.

Draw & explain the functional block diagram of 8253/54? Give the control word
format for 8253/54.

Write the initialization instruction for 8259 A interrupt controller to meet the
Following specifications:
i)Interrupt type 32. ii) Edge triggered, single & ICW4 needed.
iii) Mask interrupts IR1 & IR3.

With the help of neat timing diagram explain mode 0, 1 & 2 of 8254.

Draw a block diagram of 8255 PPI.Also explain mode 2 of 8255 with the help of
Timing diagram.

Draw & explain the following 8279 commands:
i) Keyboard/display mode set command. ii)Read FIFO/sensor RAM command .

Differentiate between synchronous & asynchronous serial communication.

Explain the necessity of 8237 DMA controller. List the features of 8237 DMA controller.

What is TSR? Explain the structure of TSR in detail

Compare .Com file and .exe file .Explain the procedure to generate .com and .exe file from .asm files

Explain DOS memory map what is POST and give the typical BIOS POST sequence.

Draw and explain the structure of PSP

Design 8086 based system with the following specifications
8086 in minimum mode, 64 KB EPROM ,64 KB RAM draw the complete schematic of the design indicating address map. (june 2007 16 marks)

Difference between DOS calls and BIOS calls

Write MSDOS loading sequence.

Write a TSR to activate a beep sound when any key is pressed

How does the TSR program differ from a typical .com program

What are the three components of COMMAND.COM? explain the significance of each.

Define the following terms
1 Assembler language source file
2 Object file
3 Executable file

Discuss structure and usage of PSP

Draw and explain interfacing diagram of two 8259 in master and slave mode with 8086 microprocessor.

State and explain the functions of following pins

How many basic conversion techniques of ADC are available? Explain any one tech. in detail

Interface a typical 8 bit DAC with 8255 and write a program to generate triangular waveform of a period 10ms CPU runs at CLK frequency at 5 MHZ

Write a note on Data acquisition system

Show a typical 8 bit ADC interface with 8086 explain functionality of each signal used

What is task register? Which mode of Pentium makes use of this register and how? Explain in detail.

What privilege checks are performed when any I/O access is done by the Pentium processor in protected mode? If this check is fails is there any alternate the processor will have to continue I/O access?

List the features of virtual mode in Pentium processor. How Pentium enters in to the virtual mode?

What is TSS? What It contains? how it is useful in multitasking in Pentium processor ? Explain?

What are the sources of interrupt in Pentium? How interrupt are handled in real mode? Will it different in Pentium processor in protected mode? Explain with the help of neat diagrams.

Write the instructions to
1) read from external program memory at address 0200h
2) write to external program memory at address 6000h in 8051

what are the different addressing modes of 8051 microcontroller give two examples for each addressing mode

write ALP for 8051 to send one byte of data serially with the baud rate of 1200 .the oscillator freq. is 12Mhz assume suitable mode for serial port.

Draw the memory map of 8051 what is bit addressable area? How many bits are addressable what uses of SFR are?

It is said that numbers of Timers/counters one can have in 8051 is three. Is is true? When this is possible explain

What is the power saving modes in 8051?

With the help of diagram explain memory organization of PIC 16c6X/7 give details of program memory and data memory.

Explain following instructions
bcf f,b
comf f, F(W)

explain watchdog timer found in PIC.

how many timers does PIC contain ? Explain timer0 operation.

Name task management data structures in Pentium.

What is the use of I/O map base address field found is TSS?

Name the descriptors found in IDT how they are useful?

How task switching occurs in Pentium? Which instructions are used for this purpose?

What is the meaning of term "Fault ? in Pentium? Give two examples

Explain the significance of previous task link field found in TSS

Name SFRs required to program timers of 8051 ? what are the different modes of operations of these timers.

What is the significance of SM2 bit in SCON register?

Draw and explain program memory organization of stack of PIC 16c61

What is the use of FSR and INDF in PIC 16C61/71 explain with example.

Explain register file map or data memory organization of PIC

Name different SFR used for interrupt handling in PC 16c61/71

How timer0 of PIC 16c61/71 can be made to operate as 16 bit timer

Explain BTFSC

What is "prescalar" in PIC

Explain four bit addressable instruction s of 8051

Explain features of PIC

What are the sources of interrupts in PIC 16C61/71? How they are recognized

What are the different types of exceptions? Explain by giving one example.

What is idle mode of 8051

Differentiate real mode ,virtual mode and protected mode.

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