How to use Electricity Safely? - Safety Tips.

In this article, I wish to share some of the Safety Tips on how to use Electricity Safely. We all know Electricity is a good master but a bad servant. Read on further.

How to use Electricity Safely? - Safety Tips.

The following are the few tips on how to use Electricity safely: -

1. All the Electricity repair works should be attended by the authorized personnel of the State Electricity Corporation or by the authorized personnel who are certified by such State Electricity Corporation.

2. We should only use certified I.S.I. components whenever we use Electricity.

3. We should switch off the Electricity connection before inserting or removing plugs from Electricity.

4. For using household goods like Fridge or Grinder, we should use only plugs with 3 pin Electricity socket which is well supported by proper earth connection.

5. We should install Electricity Local Circuit Breaker or E.L.C.B. in our house's main switch board, which will prevent many accidents that are caused by leakage of Electricity.

6. We should immediately replace the worn out Switches and Plugs in our house and also should not use faulty Electricity household equipments.

7. We should not install Television Antenna nearer to the Electricity Wires which passes by our house.

8. We should not tie the stay wire of Television Antenna in the Electricity poles.

9. Each house should contain Earth Wiring in a Earth pipe and it should be well maintained and it should be away from Children and Animals moving nearer to house.

10. The Electricity wiring in each house should be inspected once in 5 years and if required, it should be changed as per specifications.

11. The Electricity stay wire or Electricity poles should not be used for drying clothes.

12. Electricity switches should not be installed in wet places inside house like Bath Rooms or Toilets.

13. We should not nail places inside house where concealed wiring has been done and it will damage the concealed wiring of the house.

14. When we use Extension cords for Electricity it should not be in faulty condition.

15. The Electricity Wires or Poles should not used to tie domestic animals, should not be used for making roofs and should not be used to tie advertisement banners.

16. During rainy days, we should not go near Electricity Transformers, Electricity Poles, Electricity Distribution Boxes, Electricity Stay wires. Also we should not step on broken Electricity wires.

17. If we find any broken Electricity wires, immediately we should inform the area Electricity Office for necessary action and we should caution others also.

18. There should be enough space between Electricity wires and the building construction.

19. We should not urinate nearer to the Electricity Transformers or nearer to the fences of Electricity Sub Stations.

20. For cutting the tree branches passing through Hi-Tension Electricity wires, we should only approach the local Electricity Office and should not do it ourselves.

21. The household Electricity connection should be done in such a way that it can easily be disconnected during Emergency situations.

22. The Electricity switches should be kept in off position when not in use.

23. For Fire accidents caused by Electricity problems, we should only use appropriate Fire Extinguishers.

24. We should never use water to extinguish fire caused by Electricity problems, instead we can use dry sand, woolen blanket, dry chemical powder, Carbon di Oxide etc.

25. If the Fire accident is due to Electricity fault, then we should immediately switch off the main Electricity connection.

26. We should never increase burden in any Electricity circuits.

27. The switches and fuse in houses should be replaced by the same capacity components.

28. During the times of Thunderbolts and Lightening, we should seek shelter under buildings with concrete roof, Buses, Cars, Vans etc.

29. During rainy days, we should never take shelter under huts, trees, bus shelters.

30. During times of thunders, we should avoid wet places, places under Electricity wires, Electricity Poles and should choose a low but safe place to stay.

31. During times of thunders, we should not use devices like Television, Mixie, Grinder, Computer, Telephone etc. As far as possible, we should be away from open windows and doors.

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