The Final Epic Of KDMC Elections 2010

The day that everyone waited for, which would decide the fate of the candidates who campaigned hard for this position in KDMC Elections 2010 and also the day which may bring a major development in the two areas Kalyan and Dombivli finally made it to light.

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The Final Epic of KDMC Elections 2010 - Shivsena Win the Battle

The wait finally got over today at 2 pm, when the KDMC 2010 Election Results were announced today at the Dombivli Sports Complex. The fact that took everyone by a surprise was the ShivSena win with around 32 seats. Shivsena won the majority seats in the KDMC Election 2010. The other party which stood on the second position in this election was the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena who won around 25 seats. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 9 seats and Others managed to win 11 seats. This year Congress failed to makes it mark and so did Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). Congress managed to win only 15 seats and NCP got on with 15 seats. So all was well with the elections and it seems the rallies and campaigning with the Marathi Manoos Issue did manage to make its mark.
KDMC Elections 2010

KDMC Elections 2010

KDMC Elections 2010 were held on 31st October 2010. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Shivsena and all the other parties carried on a hard core campaigning which was visible in Kalyan AND Dombivli for the past few days. Residents of Kalyan and Dombivli who had never in their lifetime dreamed that they could manage to see all these eminent leaders right in front of them, were taken by surprise as the rallies and campaigning brought their leaders right at their doorsteps asking for votes. The rallies managed to entertain them and to convince them how their votes were not going to get wasted.

The major striking feature of the KDMC Election 2010 was the major family feud of Thackerey vs Thackerey. This was one of the fun elements for the people which attracted them to the rallies. People thronged in great numbers just to listen to their political leader's side. Few of the political leaders even managed to shift their base temporarily for the campaigning. The promises that the Vachaknama of KDMC 2010 Election included issues over Load shedding, bad roads, water shortage and up gradation of the basic infrastructure.

Thackerey Vs. Thackerey

MNS Chief Raj Thackerey was convinced that the mayor for the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation this time would be from his party. However with the recent developments and the election result have suddenly changed the whole scenario. Now that Shivsena has managed to win with 32 seats, it's quite obvious that the Mayor that would be selected for the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation would be from Shivsena. However with MNS winning around 25 seats, it's more worth watching what the future steps would be for both the parties? Will the arrangement between the two parties would be similar of working together the way they did during Ambernath Elections, or they plan to work separate.

It goes without saying that working together would be rather beneficial for both the parties along with Kalyan and Dombivli. But finally its their say that would matter in this context. Whatever the decision, the fact that remains unchanged is that ShivSena has successfully proved that they can still successfully manage to hold on to their position. MNS on the other hand have also managed to get 25 seats which is rather very difficult for a new party to achieve, that too when thy plan to compete with great political parties like Congress, NCP and BJP.


KDMC 2010 Election Highlights

31ST October seemed to be a rough day with no prediction how the day would turn out. Morning saw very less Voting from people all around Kalyan and Dombivli. Many villages in the vicinity had planned to boycott the elections as they had their own woes about it. There was only 10% voting done till 12 noon and that was a major matter of worry. Villagers from Amboli and many other villages came forward to declare that they plan to boycott the present election the way they had boycotted earlier seven. It seems that no promises given to them earlier had been fulfilled yet. However many of these villages finally came down for voting which made things work.

Many wards also had various cases of Bogus Voting. Situation turned worse when the two party activists MNS and NCP came face to face during the latter trying to stop the bogus voting. This happened in ward no – 27, but thankfully situation managed to stay in control.

There were lots of safety issues and traffic congestion problems in Dombivli, because of the presence of 600Outsiders. These Outsiders included MNS Chief Raj Thackerey and the Nationalist Congress Party Leader Vasant Dhavkhare. It was a tough time for the local police to handle this issue. According to the Election Commission Guidelines, no political party leader is suppose to remain present in the area, if he has an address out of the Constituency. But many leaders including two MNS MLA's Ram Kadam who is from Ghatkopar and the other one Ramesh Wanjale, from Pune were present in Kalyan. Additionally Eknath Shinde, Shivsena MLA from Thane and Sanjay Naik, NCP MP from Navi Mumbai were also present in the Municipal area. The local police really had a tough time maintaining the law and order due to these reasons.

The Final Epic had the last word that was declared today definitely put ShivSena on the TOP OF THE LIST and MNS on the second position. What happens next is all that one needs to wait and watch.

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