Syllabus Of Network Theory

Syllabus of network theory of the BAMU university is given below...

Syllabus Of Network Theory Of BAMU

Unit 1: Basic Concepts
Distributed and lumped networks, Practical sources, source transformation, network reduction using Star-delta transformation, Loop and node analysis with linearly, Dependent and independent sources for DC and AC networks, coupled networks, dot-convention.

Unit 2: Network Topology
Graph of network, Concept pf a tree and co-tree, incidence matrix, Tie-se & cut-se schedules, formation of equilibrium equations in Matrix form, solution of resistive networks, principles of duality.

Unit 3: Network Theorms(Applictions to A.C. Networks)
Superposition's, Reciprocity, Theremin's, Norton's, Maximum power Transfer and Millan's theorems.

Unit 4: Resonant Circuits
Series and parallel resonance, Variation of Current and voltage with frequency in RLC circuit, frequency-response of series and parallel circuits, Q-factor, Selectivity with vriable frequency, capacitance and inductance, Bandwidth.

Unit 5: Transient behavior and intial conditions
Behavior of circuit element under switching condition and their represention, evalution of intial and final convolution integral, Transformed RLC circuits for AC and DC excitations.

Unit 6: Laplace Tranformation & Applications
Solution of networks, step, ramp amd impulse fuctions, waveform synthesis, intial and final values, convolution integral, tranformed networks and their solution.

Unit 7: Two port network
Short ciruit admittance parameters, Open circuit impedance Parameters, transmission parameters, hybrid parameters relationship between parameters sets, Interconnection of two port networks.

Unit 8: Filters
Parameters of a filter, Decibel and neper, propagation constant, classification of filters, basic filter network, cut-off frequencies, constant K-filters, M-Derived filters.


M.E. Van Vallkenburs, "Network Analysis", PHI, 3rd Edition Reprint 2002
Roy Chowdhary, "Network and Systems", New Age International Publications.


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