Complete reference book for mca/bca course

Here is a List of Books for MCA/BCA Course for All Indian University

Reference Books for MCA/BCA:

1. Rajaraman V, "Fundamentals of Computers", PHI
2. Norton Peter, "Introduction to Computers", TMH
3. Hahn, "The Internet complete reference", TMH
4. Norton Peter, "DOS Guide", Prentice Hall of India
5. Gottfried, "Programming in C", Schaum's Series, Tata McGraw Hill
6. Kanetkar Yashwant, "Let us C", BPB
7. Ritchie Kernighan,, "The C Programming Language", PHI
8. Kanetkar Yashwant , "Working with C", BPB
9. Kanetkar Yashwant, "Pointer in C", BPB
10. Bajpai, Kushwaha, Yadav, "Computers & C Programming", New Age
11. Mano, M "Computer System and Architecture", PHI.
12. Ram, B. "Computer Fundamentals, Architecture and Organization", New
Age International (P) Ltd. Publishers.
13. Pal Chaudhuri, P. "Computer Organization & Design", PHI.
14. Malvino "Digital Principals and Applications, 4/e", Mc Graw Hill.
15. Stallings,W "Computer Organization & Architecture", PHI.
16. Brian O, "Management Information System", TMH.
17. Davis, Olson, "Management Information System", TMH.
18. Jain Sarika, "Information System", PPM.
19. Korfhage, R.R.:"Discrete Computational Structures", Academic Press.
20. PREPARATA, F.P., YEH, R. T.:"Introduction to Discrete Structures",Addition –Wesley.
21. TREMBLEY, J.P and MANOHAR,R.P:"Discrete Mathematical Structures with Applications to Computer science" McGraw Hill.
22. Prather,R.E.: "Discrete Mathematical structures for Computer Science", Hoghton Mijjlin.
23. Kolman, B and Busby, R "Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science "Prentice Hall.
24. Sahni,S "Concepts in Discrete Mathematics" Camelot Publisher U.S.A.
25. Horowitz and Sahani, "Fundamentals of data Structures", Galgotia
26. KruseR., "Data Structures and Program Design in C" Pearson Education
27. Tanenbaum A M, "Data Structures using C & C++", PHI
28. Lipschutz, "Data Structure", TMH
29. Loudon K, "Mastering Algorithms With C", Shroff Publisher& Distributors
30. Preiss Bruno R, "Data Structures and Algorithms with Object Oriented
Design Pattern in C++", Jhon Wiley & Sons, Inc.
31. Drozdek Adam, "Data Structures and Algorithms in C++", Thomson Asia
32. Sorenson Pal G., "An Introduction to Data Structures with
Application", TMH.
33. Abraham Siberschatz and Peter Baer Galvin, "Operating System Concepts", Fifth
Edition, Addision-Wesley
34. Milan Milankovic, "Operating Systems, Concepts and Design", McGraw-Hill.
35. Harvey M Deital, "An Introduction to Operating Systems", Addison Wesley.
36. Tanenbaum A. S. "Modern Operating System " PHI.
37. Hearn D and Baker P.M. "Computer Graphics" Prentice Hall.
38. Harrington S : "Computer Graphics: A Programming Approach", McGraw Hill 1983.
39. Foley J D and Van Dam A, "Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics", Addison Wesley.
40. Ralf Steinmetz, Klara steinmetz, "Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications", Pearson education.
41. Tay Vaughan, "Multimedia : Making it Work", Tata McGrawHills.
42. Shuman James E., "Multimedia in Action", Vikas Publishing House.
43. Rogers D.F. and Adams J.,"Mathematical Elements of Computer Graphics", Mc Graw Hill 1985.
44. Arnold, john, Robertson, Ivan T. and Cooper, Cary, L.,"Work psychology:
Understanding Human Behaviour in the Workplace", McMillan India
Ltd. Delhi.1996

45. Dwivedi, R.S.,"Human relations and Organization Behaviour: A Global
Perspective", McMillan India Ltd. Delhi.1995

46. A.M.Natarajan & A.Tamilarasi, "Probability Random Processes and Queuing theory", New
Age International Publishers, 2nd Edition, 2005.

47. S.K. Gupta, " Numerical Methods for Engineers ", New age International Publishers , 1995.
48. Sharma S.D,., "Operation Research".
49. Kapoor V.K,., "Operation Research".
50. Gillet,B.E. "Introduction to operations Research: A computer oriented Algorithmic approach, "Tata McGraw Hill. NewYork 1990.
51. Gross, D., and Harris, C.N., "Fundamental of Queuing Theory", John Wiley and Sons. New York 1980.
52. Hillier, F. and Lieberman, G.J., "Introduction to operations Research." Holden Day. New York 1985.
53. Kambo, N.S., "Mathematical Programming Techniques", McGraw Hill. New
York 1985.
54. Kanti Swarup, Gupta P.K. and Man Mohan,"Operations Research". Sultan
chand & sons. New Delhi 1990.
55. Mital, K.V., "Optimization Methods in operations Research and system
Analysis", New Age International (P) ltd, New Delhi, 1992.
56. Shaffer, L.R., Filter J.B., and Neyer W.L., "The critical Path Method", McGraw
Hill. New York, 1990.
57. Tanenbaum A.S., "Computer Networks", 3rd Ed, PHI, 1999.
58. Comer Douglas E., "Computer Networks".
59. Stallings W., "Computer Communication Networks", PHI.
60. Michael A. Miller, "Data & Network Communication", Vikas Publication.
61. William A. Shay, "Understanding Data Communication & Networks",
Vikas Publication.
62. Elmsari And Navathe, "Fundamental of Database Systems", Addison Wesley, New York.
63. Desai B., "An Introduction to Database Concepts" Galgotia Publications, New Delhi.
64. Date, C.J., "An Introduction to Database Systems", Narosa Publishing House New Delhi.
65. Ullman. J.D., "Principles of Database Systems", Galgotia Publications, New Delhi.
66. Hopcroft, Ullman, "Introduction to Automata Theory, Language and
Computation", Naerosa Publishing House.
67. Mishra K.L.P.and Chandrasekaran N., "Theory of Computer Science
(Automata,Languages and Computation)", PHI.
68. Martin J. C., "Introduction to Languages and Theory of Computations", TMH.
69. Papadimitrou, C. and Lewis, C.L., "Elements of theory of Computations", PHI.
70. Cohen D. I. A., "Introduction to Computer theory", John Wiley & Sons
71. Kanetkar Y,"Let Us C++", BPB Publication.
72. Lafore Robert,"Object Oriented Programming in C++", Techmedia
73. Stroustrup Bjarne,"The C++ Programming Language", Addision Wesely.
74. Rumbaugh James and others,"Object Oriented Modeling and Designing", PHI
75. Pressman R. S., "Software Engineering – A practitioner's approach",
3rd ed., McGraw Hill Int. Ed., 1992.
76. Jalote P., "An Integrated approach to Software Engineering", Narosa,1991.
77. Fairley R., "Software Engineering Concepts", Tata McGraw Hill, 1997.
78. Aggarwal K.K. & Singh Yogesh, "Software Engineering", New Age International, 2001.
79. Sommerville, "Software Engineering ", Addison Wesley, 1999
80. Aho Alfred V., Ullman Jeffrey D., "Principles of Compiler Design", Narosa
81. Aho A.V., R. Sethi and Ullman J.D, "Compiler: principle, Techniques and Tools", AW
82. Holub H.C. "Compiler Design in C", Prentice Hall Inc.
83. Sahani Horowitz, " Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms", Golgotia.
84. Coremen Leiserson etal, " Introduction to Algorithms", PHI.
85 Bratley. Brassard, "Fundamental of Algorithms", PHI.
86. Goodrich M T etal, "Algorithms Design", John Wiley.
87. Aho A V etal, "The Design and analysis of Algorithms", Pearson Education.
88. Stallings William, "Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and
Practice", Prentice Hall, New Jersey.
89. Buchmann Johannes A.," Introduction to cryptography", Springer- Verlag.
90. Kahate Atul, "Cryptography and Network Security", TMH.
91. Smith Patrick & Guengerich Steave, "Client / Server Computing", PHI
92. Dewire Dawna Travis, "Client/Server Computing", TMH
93. Majumdar & Bhattacharya, "Database management System", TMH
94. Korth, Silberchatz, Sudarshan, "Database Concepts", McGraw Hill
95. Elmasri, Navathe, S.B, "Fundamentals of Data Base System", Addison Wesley
96. Kai Hwang, "Advanced Computer Architecture: Parallelism, Scalability and Programmability", McGraw Hill Inc.
97. Hwang Kai & Briggs F.A., "Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing", McGraw Hill Inc.
98. Hennessey & Patterson, "Computer Architecture A Quantitative Approach", Harcourt Asia, Morgan Kaufmann.
99. Upadhyaya Shambhu, Chaudhary Abhijeet, Kwiat Kevin, Weises Mark, "Mobile Computing", Kluwer Academic Publishers
100. Hansmann UWE, Merk Lothar, Martin-S-Nickious, Stohe Thomas, "Principles of Mobile Computing", Springer International Edition
101. Yashwant Kanetkar, "Visual C++ Programming", BPB.
102. Jim Conger," Windows Programming Primer Plus", Galgotia.
103. Majumdar & Bhattacharya, "Database Management System", TMH.
104. Elmasri and Navathe, "Fundamentals of Database Systems", Addison Wesley, 2000.
105. Korth, Silbertz, Sudarshan, "Database Concepts", McGraw Hill.
106. Date C j, "An Introduction to Database System", Addison Wesley.
107 Hanson Gary W. and Hanson James V., "Database Management and Design", Prentice Hall of India Pvt Ltd, 1999.
108. Kalakota Ravi, Winston Andrew, "Frontiers of Electronic Commerce", Addison Wesley.
109. Bajaj and Nag, "E-Commerce the cutting edge of Business", TMH
110. Loshin P., Vacca John, "Electronic commerce", Firewall Media, New
111. Gordon Geoftrey,"System Simulation", PHI
112. Deo Narsingh, "System Simulation with digital computer", PHI
113. Law Averill M., Kelton W. David, "Simulation Modeling and Analysis", TMH
114. Margaret Levine Young, "Internet and WWW", Tata McGraw Hill.
115. Ivan Bayross, "Web Technologies Part II", BPB Publications.
116. Naughton, Schildt, "The Complete Reference Java2", TMH.
117. Balagurusamy E., "Programming in Java", TMH.
118. Keyur shah, "Gateway to Java Programmer Sun Certification", TMH
119. Deitel & Deitel, "Java How to Program", Prentice Hall.
120. Rich, E., and Knight, K.,"Artificial Intelligence", Addison Wesley Publishing Company, M.A.1992
121 Nilsson, N.J., "Principles of AI", Narosa Publishing House, 1990.
122. Patterson, D.W., "Introduction to AI and Expert Systems", Prentice Hall of India, 1992
123. Pandhy N.P.,"Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems", Oxford, 2006
124. Haykin Simon, "Neural Networks – A Comprehensive Foundation", Macmillan
Publishing Co., New York, 1994.
125. Mahrotra K., Mohan C.K. and Ranka Sanjay, "Elements of Artificial Neural Networks", MIT Press, 1997 – Indian Reprint Penram International Publishing (India), 1997
126. CichockA. i and Unbehauen R., "Neural Networks for optimization and Signal processing", John Wiley and Sons, 1993.
127. Zurada J.M., "Introduction to Artificial Neural networks", (Indian edition) Jaico Publishers, Mumbai, 1997.
128. Fu Limin. "Neural Networks in Computer Intelligence", TMH.
129. Inmon W.H., "Building the Data Warehouse", John Wiley & Sons.
130. Inmon W.H., Kelly C., "Developing the Data Warehouse", John Wiley &Sons.
131. Inmon W.H., Gassey C.L. "Managing the Data Warehouse", John Wiley& Sons.
132. Fayyad, Usama M. etal. "Advances in knowledge discovery & Data Mining", ,MIT Press.
133. Berson, "Data Warehousing, Data-Mining & OLAP", TMH.
134. Mallach, "Decision Support and Data Warehousing System", TMH.
135. Carey R., Bell G. "The Annotated VRML 2.0 Reference" Addison Wesley, 1997.
136. McCarthy M., Descartes A. "Reality Architecture: Building 3D Worlds In Java and VRML" Prentice Hall, 1998.
137. Diehl S. "Distributed Virtual Worlds: Foundations and Implementation Techniques Using VRML, Java, and CORBA.", Springer Verlag, 2001.
138. Gonzalez and Wood,"Digital Image Processing", Addison Wesley, 1993.
139. Rosenfeld and Kak, "Digital Picture Processing Vol. I & Vol. II",Academic, 1982.
140. How. "Digital Document Processing", Wiley Interscience, 1983. Ballard and Brown "Computer Vision", Prentice Hall, 1982.
141. Pavlidis.,"Algorithm for graphics and Image Processing", Computer Sc. Press, 1982.
142. Niblack Wayne "An Introduction to Digital Image Processing", Prentice Hall, 1986.
143. Sonka Milan, Hlavac Vaclav, Boyle Roger, "Image Processing, Analysis and Machine Vision", Vikas Publications.
144.Kopetz H., "Real-Time Systems", Kluwer, 1997
145.Gupta R., "Co-synthesis of Hardware and Software for Embedded Systems", Kluwer 1995.
146. Krishna, C.M, "Real Time Systems", McGraw Hill
147. Jane W.S. Liu, "Real Time Systems", Pearson Education Asia
148. Levi and Agarwal, "Real Time Systems", McGraw Hill
149. Mathi & Joseph, "Real Time System: Specification, Validation & Analysis", PHI
150. O'Reilly, "Developing Bio informatics computer Skill",lst Indian Edition's

151. Griffiths J.F.,"An Intro. To Generic Analyis-Anthony" et aI. 1st Ed.
152. Starkey Michal and Elaswarapu Ramnath, "Genomic Protocols".
153. Misner Stephen & Krawetz Stephen, "Bioinformatics-Methods and
154. Hunter Lawrence "'Artificiallntelligence & molecular Biology", Free on web
155. "DNA & Protein Sequence Analysis-A Practical Approach", IRL Press at
OX UniversityPress.
156 Heggins. Des willie Taylor "Bioinformatics : Sequence, Structure &
Databases: A practical Approach".
157 "Bio-Informatics", Addison Wesley.
158. Michael.R.Lyu, Handbook of Software Reliability Engineering, 2nd edition,
159. J.D. Musa, A. Iannino and K.Okumoto, Software Reliability, Measurement,
Prediction, Application, McGraw Hill, 2000.
160. J.D. Musa, Software Reliability Engineering, McGraw Hill, 2000.
161. Program to illustrate the use of overloading and overriding.
162. Program to implement the concept of Interfaces and packages.
163. Generate the program using exceptions handling mechanism.
164. Implement the file operations.
165. Implement the concept of multithreading
166. Program using Applets.
167. Program using JDBC.
168. Developing TCP/IP client server program.


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