The Child Labour In Maharashtra State and India

Today also the children in Maharashtra state and India is working in various industries. Main reason behind this is the poverty of parents and lack of education to their children.

The Child Labour In Maharashtra State and India

child labour in industries
The race for money has speeded up in India science the last decade. It is no wonder that the number of working children below the age of 14 has increased immensely. Estimates cite figures of between 60 to 115 million working children in India, the highest in the world. It is also estimated that about 90% of the child working population is in rural areas. Children are engage in various types of the work , including those that are classified as 'hazardous' i.e. harmful to the physical, emotional , or moral well-being of the children. An estimated 2 million children work in the hazardous industries.

The reasons for this are many and include parental poverty and illiteracy; social and economical circumstance; lack of awareness; lack of access to basic and meaningful quality education and skills; high rates of adult unemployment and underemployment and declining cultural values of the family and society.

The condition of working children in India is appalling. They are either sweating in the heat of stone quarries or working in the field sixteen hours a day. In cities they are picking rags, or hidden away as domestic servants. Their lives are quite miserable and difficult. They earn little and are abused much. They struggle to make enough to eat and perhaps to help feed their families as well. They do not go to school; more than that half of them will never measure up to even the minimum standards of literacy. Many of them have been working since the age of four or five ,and by the time they reach adulthood they may be irrevocably sick or deformed they will certainly be exhausted ,old men and women by the age of forty, likely to be dead by fifty.
Right from independent itself, India has committed itself against child labour. Article 24 of the Indian Constitution clearly states, " No child below the age of fourteen years shall be employed to work in any factory or mine or employed in any hazardous place to work". and directs State policy such " that the health and strength of workers … and the tender age of children are not abused and that citizens are not forced by economic necessity to enter avocation unsuited to their age or strength".(Constitution Of India Cited in Human Rights Watch 1996,26). These two articles show that India has always had the duty of taking care of its children and ensuring the safety of workers. In regard to child labour , the Indian government implemented the Child Labour Act in 1986.The purpose of this act is to " prohibit the employment of the children who have not completed their 14th year in the specified hazardous occupations and process".
The Government of India must ensure that the needs of the poor are met before attacking the problem of child labour. If poverty is addressed, the need of or the child labour will always automatically diminished. No matter how hard India tries, child labour will always exist until the need for it is removed. The development of India as a nation being hampered by child labour. Children are growing up illiterates because they have been working and not attending school. A vicious circle of poverty is formed and the need for child labour is reborn after every generation. India needs to address the situation by tackling the underlying causes of child labour through governmental policies and the enforcement of these policies. Only then will India succeed in the fight against the child labour.


Guest Author: leena walawalkar09 Jun 2011

Yes you are right but I think children acting in movies and serials, as announcers on television or shows is also a type of child labour. It should be banned. Children should be strictly send to schools.

Guest Author: vanita fulari13 Jun 2011

Yes you are right but I think children acting in movies and serials, as announcers on television or shows is also a type of child labour. It should be banned. Children should be strictly send to schools.

Guest Author: leena walawalkar15 Jun 2011

Vanita it is not good to copy and paste other members statement. Try to write in your own words , it will help you a lot.

Guest Author: leena walawalkar20 Jun 2011

Yes, Kishor you are right. We must think on what we can do and implement on it. There are many laws and regulations , they are useless except they are implemented. Very strict action should be taken on the person who employ child as labour.

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