Archimedes : Great Scientist

One of the greatest scientists is the Archimedes who was from the Greece. This resource contains information related to the Archimedes...

Information About Greek Great Scientist Archimedes

When you tell one question that is, who was the greatest scientist in the ancient times? That is only one answer is the Archimedes. Who was born in the Greece in the 287BC. Archimedes's best discovers are given below:
1.Principle of buyancy
2.How to find volume of a sphere and determined the expect value of Pi
3.How to find area under curve.

Archimedes was never able to remember any things that is he had eaten or not and so on. He was absent-minded professor. One day King of Syracuse given one problem to Archimedes when the answer was got to the Archimedes that time he was setting in the bathtub. That time he ran out from the bathtub and shouting "Eureka, Eureka!!" and ran towards the Kings Palace that time he was completely naked.

Eureka is greek word meanning is "I've got it!". In BC 209 Romans attacks on the Syracuse and besieged Syracuse. Absorbed was Archimedes in his thought he didnot realise that an enemy soldier was stahding there perhaps ha didnot even listen the soldier tell him to get up and follow him because when the man drew closer Archimedes without looking up said him,"Don't distrub my circles , fellow". This so enraged the soldier he drew his sword and slew him. After his death he was one of the western scholares in ancient time. His death at 212 Bc..


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