Harishchandragad - A Trekker's Paradise

Harishchandragad is a well known place to visit in Ahmednagar. Its a trekker's paradise for the great trekking options it provides. Additionally the trip to Harishchandragad is extremely delightful due to its accessibility and places of interest that could be visited. Harishchandragad also has lot of historical importance to boast about.

About Harishchandragad

Harishchandragad is a famous fort located on a hill in the Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. Harishchandragad is famous for its ancient Maratha History, caves, great sightseeing and adventure sports activities. Being a hill fort Harishchandragad has so much history to tell. Moguls ruled over the fort until 1747, when the Marathas captured it. Harishchandragad also has lots of legendary tales attached to it. If these tales are to be believed it is said that the caves that exist within the hill areas of Harishchandragad have been inhabited by the Stone Age people. There are lots of carvings all over the caves, which one could associate with that era. Additionally the caves of Harishchandragad are also been mentioned in ancient scripts or Puranas. Great Sage Changdev महर्षी चांगदेव lived in these caves on the hill during the 14th Century. During that time, Changdev used to meditate in these caves. The temple Harishchandreshwar Temple is the main source that gives the hill its name, Harishchandragad. There are many temples found within the vicinity like which have lots of carvings made mostly during the Medieval Period. HarishchandragadHarishchandragad is mostly popular among enthusiastic youths and adventure sports lover for the trekking option that it provides. Harishchandragad is a Trekker's Paradise. Harishchandragad has the famous Konkan Kada, around 3500 feet high has been one of the most challenging option for the trekkers till date. Konkan Kada is one of the most famous points of this hill fort. Harishchandragad is usually visited by many visitors for its best trekking options along with loads of sightseeing. Apart from Konkan Kada, Harishchandragad has many other peaks to boast about. Apart from the amazing treks, Harishchandragad also has many temples built apparently during the Medieval period to pay visit. The architecture and the scenic view from these temples are worth viewing. Additionally the caves present within the hill can add to the thrill of visiting Harishchandragad.

How to reach Harishchandragad

Harishchandragad is located in the Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. The nearest airport for Ahmednagar is Pune, around 115 km away. Mumbai is approximately 300 km from Ahmednagar. The nearest rail station for Harishchandragad is Ahmednagar Rail Station, which falls on the central railway route and is accessible by many trains going towards North India via Solapur. Harishchandragad is easily accessible by road, as there are many buses for Ahmednagar from all the major cities of Maharashtra. Harishchandreshwar temple If you visit Ahmednagar by Bus, then from there to continue journey towards Harishchandragad, you need to take either a private vehicle or a local bus which will take you further to Khireshwar. Khireshwar is the base village from where you can start climbing Harishchandragad.

Best Time to visit Harishchandragad

Harishchandragad is at its best when visited after post monsoons. The greenery all over Harishchandragad adds to its existing beauty. One shouldn't think of visiting this place during monsoons, as the slope could get a bit slippery. But post monsoons the place is really beautiful, with lots of small streams and waterfalls all over the hill. The best time, hence to visit Harishchandragad is from Mid - September to early- March. During this period, the nights can get too cold, so its better that you carry warm clothing if you plan to spend a night at Harishchandragad. caves around harishchandragad

Best Places to Visit in and around Harishchandragad

There are many places that can be visited in and around Harishchandragad, including the Harishchandreshwar Temple. Harishchandreshwar Temple is must see place to visit in Harishchandragad, as the temple exhibit some fine artwork and carved sculptors. The temple is been carved on a single rock which is a marvelous piece of work. The architecture of this temple which was built during medieval period is worth watching and right beside the temple one can find around 3 caves. The Konkan Kada is, as mentioned earlier one of the most-visited places in Harishchandragad. The height of this Kada or peak is around 3500 feet and offers excellent trekking options to adventure sport lovers. Once on the top of the peak, one gets to witness the amazing beauty of the scenic surroundings around. Additionally the sunset from this peak is worth watching. Same is about the peaks in Harishchandragad, Taramati Peak. Few other temples that can be visited when in Harishchandragad are Nageshwar Temple and Kedareshwar Temple. A beautiful lake, Saptathirtha adorns the east side of the Harishchandreshwar Temple. Saptatirtha Lake is a beautiful lake with a small temple like structure on its banks, which adds to its beauty. The caves in and around Harishchandragad are also worth visiting. HARISHCHANDRAGAD

Accommodation facilities in and around Harishchandragad

There are many accommodation facilities available around Harishchandragad. Once on the hill, one can manage accommodation in the caves located all around the Harishchandragad, especially those caves which are around the temple and the Taramati Peak. Also the base of the hill, Khireshwar Village offers some budgetary accommodation in the local school for nights. This accommodation is preferred by those who plan to spend a night and then continue with the journey of climbing the hills early next morning. Additionally one also has a Open Air Camping option if you carry your own tent. Apart from these, one can find luxurious as well as budgetary accommodation in Ahmednagar including the MTDC Resorts.


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