Junior library assistant in lok sabha question paper

Junior library assistant in lok sabha question paper


PART - A : General knowledge and Current Affairs

1. Secretary - General of UNO is
(A) Kofi Annan
(B) Juan Soana
(C) George Bush
(D) Ban Ki-moon

2. Nithari is a village in
(A) Rajasthan
(B) UP
(C) Haryana
(D) Delhi

3. Rajnath Singh has been elected President of BJP for
(A) two years
(B) one year
(C)three years
(D) four years

4. In the recent Ashes Cricket series Australia defeated England
(A) 5-0
(B) 4-1
(C) 3-2
(D) 3-1

5. Foreign Secretary of India is
(A)Shiv Shankar Menon (B)G.Parthasarthy
(C) Nirupan Sen
(D) M.K Narayanan

6. Deputy Chairman Rajya Sabha is
(A)Najma Heptullah (B)Charanjit Singh Atwal
(C) B.S Shekhawat
(D)K. Rahman khan

7. Recently the following personality resigned from Union Cabinet on being convicted on account of murder charges
(A)Navjot Singh Sidhu (B)Shibu Soren
(C) Lalu Prasad Yadav (D) Taslimuddin

8. Prof Muhammad Yunus; the recipient of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize; hails from
(D) Libya

9. Who among the following Test cricketers has taken 700 wickets in Test Cricket?
(A)Murali Dharan
(B)Glen Macgrath
(C) Anil Kumble
(D) Shane warne

10. Recently violence erupted in the following Indian State aimed at Hindi Speaking migrants
(A) Assam
(B) Nagaland
(C) Arunachal Pradesh
(D) West Bengal

11. The follwing is the for ongoing Ardh kumbh Mela in UP
(A) Lucknow
(B) Allahabad
(C) Kanpur
(D) Varanasi

12. Common Wealth Games 2010 will be held in
(A) Mumbai
(B) Delhi
(C) London
(D) Kolkata

13. India was Places______in the final medals tally at 15th Doha Asian Gaes
(A) 8th
(B) 6th
(C) 7th
(D) 5th

14. Union Home Minister is
(A) Pranab Mukherjee
(B) Arjun Singh
(C) A.K.Antony
(D) Shivraj V.Patil

15. Chief minister of West Bengal is :
(A) Mamta Banerjee
(B) Praksh Karat
(C) Buddhadev Bhatacharjee
(D) Sita Ra Yetury

16. Capital of Lakshadweep is
(A) Daman
(B) Kavaratti
(C) Silvassa
(D) Port Blair

17. Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission is
(A) Montek Singh Ahluwalia
(B) Ratan Tata
(C) Y.V. Reddy
(D) R.Chidambaram

18. Any political party in India can be recognised as National Party if it has State Party Status in at least
(A) 3 States
(B) 4 States
(C) 5 States
(D) 6 States

19. Lok Sabha is called in session at least
(A) once a year
(B) thrice a year
(C) four times a year
(D) twice a year

20. No. of Lok Sabha seats from Maharashtra is
(A) 42
(B) 52
(C) 48
(D) 46

21. As per the constitution of India; a citizen of India should not be less than ___ of age to become the President of India
(A) 30 years
(B) 35 years
(C) 40 years
(D) 25 years

22. A dispute relating to the election of the president of india is decided by
(A) Election Comission
(B) Chief Justice of India
(C) Supree Court
(D) Parliament

23. India is a Union of States; Executive power of union is vested in the
(A) President
(B) Prime minister
(C) Home minister
(D) Chief Justice of India

24. Implementation of law is the function of
(A) Legistature
(B) Executive
(C) Judiciary
(D) None Executive

25. `Deshbandu` is the title of
(A) B.R. Ambedkar
(B) C.R.Das
(C) B.C. Pai
(D) R.N. Tagore

26. The term Fourth Estate is used for
(A) The press and news paper
(B) Parliament
(C) Judiciary
(D) Excutive

27. In 1905; Gopal krishna gokhele founded the
(A) Asiatic society
(B) Bharat Sewak Samag
(C) Brahmo samag
(D) Servents of India Society

28. Simon Commission visited India after:
(A) Civil Disobedience movement
(B) Swashe movement
(C) Non corporation movement
(D) quit india movement

29. The first indian to win noble prize was
(A) C.V. Raman
(B) R.N. Tagore
(C) Hargovianda quarana
(D) Amaritya sen

30. The literate state in india is
(A) Delhi
(B) Maharastra
(C) Punjab
(D) Kerala

31. Jnanpith Award is given in the field of
(A) Literature
(B) sports
(C) science
(D) music

32. Who was the author of Gita Govinda
(A) Vidyapathi
(B) surdas
(C) jayadeva
(D) Mirabai

33. Which part of the human body is effected by cataract
(A) ears (B) eyes
(C) nose (D) throat

34. Who abolished sati prath and chaild marriage
(A) G.K. Gokhale
(B) Swami dayanand
(C) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(D) Swami Vivekanand

35. Who discovered the vaccine for chiken pox?
(A) Edward Jennar
(B) Harvey
(C) Koya
(D) Louis Pasteur

36. On which river; Lucknow is situated?
(A) Tapti
(B) Narmada
(C) Ganga
(D) Gomti

37. During whose reign did huen Tsang visit india ?
(A) Kanishka
(B) Chandra gupta
(C) Harshvardhan
(D) Ashoka

38. Who was founder of Homeopathy?
(A) Robert Koch
(B) Hahnermann
(C) Einstien
(D) Berliner

39. Total number of bones in huan body is
(A) 206
(B) 210
(C) 220
(D) 232

40. UNO was established in
(A) 1942
(B) 1939
(C) 1945
(D) 1947

41. Renal failure is a disease of
(A) liver
(B) galbladder
(C) heart
(D) kidneys

42. The famous international company `De Beers` is engaged in the business of
(A) beer
(B) diamonds
(C) animal skins
(D) coal

43. Which one of the following is not an example of direct tax?
(A) sales tax
(B) income tax
(C) wealth tax
(D) gift tax

44. What is the name of MTNLs cellular service ?
(B) Connect next
(C) Dolphin
(D) Airtel

45. The most flood prone state of India is
(A) Assam
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Bihar
(D) UP

46. The Industry for which Nepa nagar is known is
(A) cement
(B) fertiliser
(C) handloom
(D) newsprint paper

47. Solar energy is received by the earth through
(A) conduction
(B) radiation
(C) convection
(D) refraction

48. Which one of the following is the largest lake in the world?
(A) Lake Superior
(B) Caspian Sea
(C) Lake Baikal
(D) Lake victoria

49. The religious text of the jews is named as
(A) Tripalika
(B) Zend Avesta
(C) Torab
(D) Bible

50. March 8 is observed as
(A) Woemens Day
(B) World Environment Day
(C) Youth Day
(D) Heritage Day


I Select the word which is closest in meaning to the given word.

51. Expiate
(A) to carry out quickly
(B) to make amends for
(C) to talk freely and at length
(D) to send or give forth

52. Disseminate
(A) scatter
(B) conduct
(C) distinguish
(D) deduct

53. Surreptitious
(A) shrewd
(B) secret
(C) subtle
(D) scheming

54. Valediction
(A) conclusion
(B) introduction
(C) farewell
(D) curse

55. Prudent
(A) industrious
(B) energetic
(C) active
(D) cautious

56. Arrogance
(A) jealousy
(B) envy
(C) conceit
(D) greed

57. Immense
(A) increase
(B) grand
(C) broad
(D) great

II. Select the word most nearly opposite in meaning to given word.

58. Curtail
(A) abbreviate
(B) withhold
(C) compress
(D) prolong

59. Eradicate
(A) extrminate
(B) re-establish
(C) destroy
(D) demolish

60. Patriot
(A) citizen
(B) soldier
(C) traitor
(D) king

61. Plentiful
(A) odd
(B) scarse
(C) peculiar
(D) doubtful

62. Sodden
(A) dry
(B) damp
(C) decayed
(D) dusty

63. Gradually
(A) shortly
(B) widely
(C) slowly
(D) suddenly

64. Sparse
(A) plentiful
(B) dense
(C) abundant
(D) numerous

65. Knowledge
(A) reduction
(B) darkness
(C) ignorance
(D) shortage

III. Questions 66 to 70 are the definitions of certain words; choose the correct word.

66. A medicine to counteract poison
(A) anecdote
(B) antiseptic
(C) antidote
(D) sedative

67. To give up voluntarily
(A) avoid
(B) abdicate
(C) abduct
(D) abandon

68. Full of turns; twists and bends
(A) torturous
(B) tortuous
(C) intricate
(D) maze

69. One who can use either of his hands with ease
(A) amateur
(B) abidextrous
(C) avaricious
(D) bigot

70. Walking in sleep
(A) somnambulism
(B) somniloquism
(C) stoic
(D) philanderer

IV. Each of the following sentences has been divided into four parts; A;B;C and D. Identify the part having an error.

71. (A) Have anybody
(B) found a white
(C) handkerchief with
(D) my intials

72. (A) He had just left
(B) the country
(C) than his father
(D) died

73. (A) I cannot
(B) understand you
(C) telling such
(D) a deliberate lie

74. (A) I should feel
(B) safer if
(C) he was to
(D) accompany me

75. (A) He is poorer
(B) than them
(C) but he is
(D) much happier

76. (A) We have been
(B) to his house
(C) no less than
(D) on three occasions

77. (A) The group was
(B) quite for a while
(C) but suddenly
(D) raised their voice

78. (A) The soldiers which
(B) were being sent into
(C) battle had no previous
(D) experience of fighting

79. (A) Every one had to
(B) show their invitation
(C) before being admitted
(D) into the hall

80. (A) None of the
(B) boys were able
(C) to answer
(D) the question

81. Up in arms
(A) raise one;s arms
(B) run away
(C) fight earnestly
(D) ready to fight

82. Wild goes cahse
(A) a hopeless enterprise
(B) chasing geese
(C) to follow happly
(D) chasing anything swifty

83. Throw cold water upon
(A) treat a person with indifference
(B) insult a person
(C) cool a person;s temper
(D) discourage some plan or effort

84. Writing on the wall
(A) sign of bad behavior
(B) sign of bad manners
(C) sign of comming events
(d) sign of good fortune

85. A dark horse
(A) A black horse
(B) an un expected pace of luck
(C) a person with un expected talents
(D) an animal which runs very fast

86. After the cinema they returned to the house...... their parents did.
(A) while
(B) before
(C) through
(D) since

87. His family prevailed..........him to accept the job
(A) above
(B) upon
(C) over
(D) beyond

88. He did not wish to go out.......of the rain.
(A) except
(B) while
(C) because
(D) since

89. He was undesided.........to go or not.
(A) unless
(B) untill
(C) whether
(D) that

90. They swa about in the river........it was time for lunch.
(A) if
(B) as
(C) till
(D) while

91. After everyone........his seat the play began.
(A) had taken
(B) were taken
(C) has taken
(D) is taken

92. He arived at the stop just as it.....
(A) a will be closed
(B) was closing
(C) is closed
(D) will be closing

93. If I ...............you were comming; i would have prepared something special .
(A) had been konwing
(B) had known
(C) would not
(D) had not

94. she would not have broken her ankle; if she.....slipped.
(A) has not
(B) was not
(C) would not
(D) had not

95. If the car attendent had not been carelless; the fire......
(A) would never have started
(B) have never have started
(C) would have never started
(D) will never be starting

96. He was diseased with blindless.
(A) effected
(B) afflicted
(C) injured
(D)will never be starting

97. The authorites refuse to accept any claim for loss of property
(A) negligence
(B) demands
(C) risk
(D) liability

98. They did not listen to their parents advice and suffered as a result
(A) Head
(B) Prepere
(C) obeyed
(D) watch

99. He refused to lend the servant money as the latter ill-treated his genrosity.
(A) discarded
(B) dispossed
(C) devalued
(D) abused

100. The drink was rather week as it had distilled
with a great deal of water.
(A) dissolved
(B) instilled
(C) diluted
(D) infused

101. Which of the following statements about PARLIINE Database is incorrect
(A) It provides a brief description of parlia ments around the world.
(B) It is a database developed by inter- parliamentry union (IPU)
(C) It is a database developed by the parliament of india
(D) it provides general inforation on parlia ments. electrol system. result of recent election.

102. what does IFLA stand for.
(A) International Federation of libarary associations
(B) Indian federation of library associations
(C) International forum for libarary associa tions
(D) International forums for legislative associations

103. which of the following did not make recomandations with regard to leblraries
(A) Radhakrishnan commission
(B) kothari commission
(C) Ray Committlee
(D) sarkana commission

104. Law of the scattering was formulated by
(A) Dr. S.R. Ranganathan
(B) S.C. Bradford
(C) A.J. Lotka
(D) B.C. Brookes

105. Unterm Indexing system was invented by
(A) Allenkant
(B) Mortimer taube
(C) Calvin N Mooers
(D) H.P. Lukh

106. who among the following does not belong to the feild of library science
(A) Prof. P.N. Kaula
(B) Dr. Rangananthan
(C) Charless Dickens
(D) Melvil Dewey

107. which one of the following does not come under house keeping activities in library.
(A) Acquistion
(B) Circulation control
(C) Cataloguing
(D) Printing

108. Who conceptulised library in a desk
(A) Robert landau
(B) Melvil dewey
(C) Ass Don Dickinson
(D) S.C. Bradford

109. Microimages can be recorded in the following microforms. excluding one.
(A) Microfilm
(B) Microfiche
(C) Ultrafiche
(D) Macrofilm

110. What type of nations are used in CC
(colon classification)
(A) Mixed
(B) Pure
(C) Multiple
(D) None of these

111. The author of five laws of library science is-
(A) Engine garfield
(B) Pauline Atherton
(C) Micheel Gorman
(D) S.R. Ranganathan

112. DIALOG is a -
(A) Software
(B) Interactive website
(C) National computer network
(D) Information Retrivel service

113. Who is considered the Father of
Library science in india
(A) Dr. S.R. Ranganathan
(B) Dr. Velaga venkatapaiaha
(C) Prof. S.Das Gupta
(D) Prof. Bashiruddin

114. Who introduced deway decimal
classification in india
(A) Prof. P.N. Kaula
(B) S.R. Ranganathan
(C) Prof. W. Boyd reyward
(D) Asa Don Disknson

115. Which of the following is the
National Library of the USA
(A) The library of congress
(B) The Library of senate
(C) The American national library
(D) The National library of washington

116. A coputer network set up by the informatics
center in india is known as.

117. One of the following services is not provided
by the liabarities
(A) Reference services
(B) Reserch Services
(C) Retrival services
(D) Telecasting services

118. who deviced colon classifications.
(A) melvil dewey
(B) prof. m.v. gopinath
(C) Ass Don Dickinson
(D) prof. S.R. Ranghanathan

119. Which of the following is not a coponent of
(A) matter property
(B) matter method
(C) matter metteria
(D) matter subject

120. How any editions of DDC have been publiched so far.
(A) 20
(B) 21
(C) 22
(D) 23

121. Who is known as the Archicts of public librarary in india.
(A) D.R. S.R. Ranghanathan
(B) Prof. K.N.Kaula
(C) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
(D) Padmashri I.V. Ramayahia

122. KARDEX System is devised for...
(A) Keeping records of maps
(B) Keeping records of periodicals
(C) Keeping records of books
(D) Keeping records of manuscripts

123. LARDDIS stands for..
(A) Librarary assotions of Reference research
documentation and inforation services
(B) Legislative association of reference. Reserch documentation and inforation services
(C) Librarary reference. records. Documenta tion and information services
(D) Library refereces reserch. Documentation
and information service

124. Which one of these is not a National Library.
(A) British library
(B) The library of congress
(C) The national council of educational research and traing
(D) The national library of India - Calcutta

125. KWC Indxing syste comes under category of.
(A) Pre coordinate indexing system
(B) Post coordinate indexing system
(C) chain indexing system
(D) Hyper indexing system

126. Data base management system (DBMS) consists of the following. except one.
(A) Source data
(B) Database administrator
(D) User Profile

127. Common Isolates in DDC are called...
(A) View point numbers
(B) Form divisions
(C) Standard sub divisions
(D) Auxiliary tables

128. In the context of CDS/ISIS full form of FST is.
(A) First stand Table
(B) First select table
(C) Field stand table
(D) Field select table

129. Which among the following falls under the five fundamental categories...

130. Parliament libraray is a...
(A) Public Library
(B) National Libraray
(C) Acadamic Libraray
(D) None of these

131. Which one of the following is not a
specialized data bank....

132. PARLIS stands for....
(A) Palrliamentary international system
(B) Parliamentary libraray information system
(C) Parliamentary international system
(D) Parliamentary information technology services

133. Who was the founder of delhi library associa tion; established in 1953...
(A) Prof. Kaual
(B) Dr. S.R. Ranganathan
(C) Prof. M.V. Gopinath
(D) Prof. Basheeruddin

134.Prof. P.N. Kaula;s works on classification include...
(A) How to use your classification scheme(1963)
(B) Analytico-Synthentic classification(1964)
(C) A Treatise on clolon classification (1985)
(D) All of these

135. Which one among the following librarary...
(A) The Library of Congress
(B) The British House of commons library
(C) The Parliament Library india
(D) The Parliamentaty Library - Australia

136. The full form of DVD is ....
(A) A digital versibal disk
(B) Digital value disk
(C) Digital virtual disk
(D) Digital volume disk

137. Who contitutes the library committee of Parliament..
(A) Speaker loksabha
(B) Deputy speaker. loksabha
(C) Deputy chairman rajyasabha
(D) Chairman Rajya sabha

138. The Parliament library caters to the require ment of ...
(A) Members of loksabha only
(B) Members of loksabha as well as Rajyasabha
(C) Members of loksabha; Rajyasabha and state and state ligislature
(D) Chairman Rajya sabha

139. The new parliamentary building as known as....
(A) Sansadiya Gyanpeeth
(B) Sansadiaya vidyapeeth
(C) Sansadiaya Gyanamandali
(D) Sansadiya Gyanalaya

140. OPAC refers to ....
(A) On line Public - Access catlog
(B) Open public - Access catlog
(C) Open parliamentary access catlog
(D) On-line Parliamentary Access centre

141. American centre library is an integral
part of the ....
(A) United states congressional services
(B) United states senete service
(C) United information service
(D) None of these

142. An Intorduction to Library Science.. written in 1933 was authored by...
(A) Leepierce butler
(B) Thomas Reiding
(C) Edmond hambers
(D) Walter suther land

143. Which one of these is not a National library..
(A) The national library at the INSDOC
(B) The national mediacal librarary Ministry of Health.
(C) The Khudabax Oriental Library. Patna
(D) The Delhi university Library

144. BLAISE refers to...
(A) British library autoated inforation services
(B) Big liabrary informaton services
(C) British legislative inforation services
(D) British libraries association and informa tion services

145. Which of these are also known as copyright or legal deposit Libraries....
(A) Legal libraries
(B) Law department libraries
(C) Legal lexicon Libraries
(D) National Libraries

146. Which system(s) are mostly used in indian libraries...
(A) Dewey Decimal Classification
(B) Colon classification
(C) Universal classification
(D) All of these

147. Which one of the following functions is not performed by a Public Library
(A) To provide free and direct access to tools of inforation and education
(B) To serve as an instrument of informal self-education
(C) To preserve materials of local/regional cultural heritage
(D) To serve as an instruent of format education

148. Who among the following developed the method of `Faced Analysis`-
(A) Jesse Shera
(B) James Perry
(C) F.W Lancaster
(D) Dr.S.R Ranganathan

149. The CDS/ISIS refers to -
(A) Database
(B) Training Programme
(C) Networking System
(D) All of these

150. Who has said about Melvil Deway that he ``Puck-like put a girdle round the earth with his dammed dots....and with his library methods were carried from Albany to Antipodes``-
(A) Ernest A Savage
(B) Joel C Downing
(C) Lloyd P Smith
(D) W Boyd Rayward


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