Ten Nutrients You Must Have

There are ten Nutrients is important to our body therefore they must be present. Namely Carbohydrates, Protenins, Fats, Vitamins, Calcium, sodium, Zinc and Copper, Magnesium, Potassium and Selenium and iodine.

One of the necessary nutrient is carbohydrates which provides energy. This energy helps to our body to carry out physical and physiological fuctions. They also give energy to the eyes, the glands , the Kidneys, the hearts and brain also. Carbohydrates are classified into simple, complex and fibre carbohydrates. Few sources of carbohydrates is bananas, all grains, root vegetables, table sugur, pasta, oats, breads and biscuits. Soft drinks like coca cola, limka etc. may upset the carbohydrate balance. Brown rice, cereals and wheat are sources of carbohydrate and fibre source.

Protenins are very valuable to help repair, maintain and build the tissue of the body. Cardic muscles and oxyen carring componet in blood which is haemoglobin they are made up of Protenis. Fish, eggs, chicken, beans, nuts, dairy products and lentils contain protenis.

Through out all nutrient it is consider as 'bad nutrient' or ‘harmful nutrient'. Fat is needed because it provides energy. The intake of the dats are cheese, meats, cream, butter. Heart friendly fats are mono unsaturated fatty acids which are well-known by MUFA and it is found in the almonds, avocadoes and olive oil.

Water soluable vitamins B and C and fat soluable vitamins A,D,E and K both performs fuction of multiple. Vitamin A which are found in pumpkin, carrots and green is needed for celluar growth and mainly for good vision. Vitamin D is use for better absorption of calcium in the body which we can got from milk, curd, fish and eggs. From nuts and seeds we get the vitamin E. Which are wanted for healthy red blood cells. For blood clotting the vitamin K is required. It is found in organs meants, wheat bran and leafy vegetables. C vitamins are found in friuts, spinash, green chillies and capsium. It helps to absorb iron better and increases protection. Vitamin C helps to maintain for gums, blood vessels and teeth. B1(thiamine), B2(riboflavin), B3(niacin), B6(pyridxine), folic acid and B12(cobalamin) which are include a Vitamin B compound. Which are important to body's development and growth also.


Guest Author: dr.vaishali17 Dec 2010

These ten nutrients are important but u cant eat and measure it too.start simple things first.drink lukewarm water in the morning,do good n healthy breakfast and take appropriate rest,rest wil be taken care by your body.stay healthy.

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