India as a Nuclear Power

It is now the era of nuclear power. And this article throws light on the development of India in the field of nuclear power.

India as a Nuclear Power.


The atom bombs dropped by U.S.A. in 1945 on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki heralded the dawn of atomic power on the earth for destructive purposes. The dropping of the bombs, no doubt, stopped the Second World War but the destruction caused by them was to last long.

Then came the monopoly of nuclear power in the hands of big powers, namely the U.S.A., the U.K., France, China and the U.S.S.R. which are called members of the Nuclear Club. This monopoly was a threat to all other nations. Nuclear energy could be used for constructive as well destructive purposes. Albert Einstein expected his theory of relative to serve only peaceful purposes. He never meant destruction of the world by atom bombs and Hydrogen bombs.

India is the first country to break this monopoly. India exploded her first atomic device for peaceful purposes on 18th may, 1974 at Pokharan in the desert of Rajasthan. It was an underground test and perfectly carried out without any atomic dust falling out anywhere. Thus India entered the Nuclear Club consisting of big five powers.

The credit for this achievement should go to scientists like Dr. Homi Baba (who was the pioneer in the field) to Dr. H.N.Sethna (who was Chairperson of the Atomic Energy Commission)and to Dr.Raja Ramanna who was closely associated with the project. It was Dr.Homi Bhaba who very early realized the future importance of nuclear power for peaceful purposes and laid strong foundations in India for nuclear research.

The explosion carried out at Pokharan by India was of the magnitude of 16th Kilo tones. The atomic explosion was equivalent to the two atom bombs dropped by U.S.A. on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There was a tremendous upheaval of earth. This explosion convinced the other power of world tat India is capable of making nuclear weapon if and when needed.

India made it very clear from beginning that India would develop nuclear energy only for peaceful purposes. And hence we are using the nuclear energy in the field of electricity and agriculture. India has always been saying that it would share knowledge on nuclear power with others for peaceful purposes and development of industrial growth.

India is a peace loving country and it will never use nuclear power for conquests. However, no country can afford losing its territories and weakening its defense power. Now we have the capacity of make atom bomb as and when needed.


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