Superstitions In Maharashtra and India

This resource contain the information about superstitions is Maharashtra and India.

Superstitions In Maharashtra and India

superstitionsPeople all over the world believe in superstition. Education has hardly anything to do with superstition. Superstition cannot be explained rationally. They are part of our mental makeup and environment. Some superstitions include a belief that the number thirteen is unlucky. Many hotels and buildings in the west do not have rooms or floors numbered thirteen. Another superstition is that one should not walk under a ladder as it brings bad luck to the concerned person. In India, some of common superstition are to postpone or delay an important task or journey if someone sneezes or black cat crosses one's path as one sets out, seeing a dead body while going on an important errand is consider lucky by many peoples.
What are superstition and from where they came? Answer for this question cannot be explained but if we take a close look on the "Hindu" customs there are two parts or two faces of once mind – ' Shraddha and Andhshraddha'. It tells that when one is following the path of the God with his full sacrifice then it is 'shraddha' but when this path is obstructed by rude thoughts of his mind then it becomes 'Andhshraddha'.
Andhshraddha that is superstitions are followed by our forefathers then our father and then by us. we take these thoughts with blindly faith on that thing which other tell us .One of the superstitions in India is that pregnant women should not cut anything at full moon night otherwise it will affect her child developing in her womb. Through today the generation becoming science acceptor but even after that some people in behind the faith of people developing various superstitions which cannot help them anyway. Today we have to take a step forward against these bad rituals made by society like sati, dowry for which women of the society adversely affect even to death.

Maharashtra Superstition Eradication Committee is formed by Dr Narendra Dabholkar in Satara at western Maharashtra. This committee take the campaign against superstition in Maharashtra. This committee had launched several complaint in police station and punishes the man who cheat the innocent people with superstitions. The people in committee create awareness in the village people against false beliefs. Anti-Superstition Bill will passed in the Maharashtra Assembly. By this bill, someone is punishable who claiming he have supernatural powers.
Now ,It is our duty to make people aware about science and their bad thinking of superstitions. This helps us to create new world with developed and widely accepted science technology which in turn leads to the developed Maharashtra and India.
Do not think that you are doing Small,
Think that you are doing something
To change the feelings of generation.


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