Computer And Internet

Computers have come a long way since British,Mathematician CHARLES BABBAGE(1791-1871) invented his difference engine.

About Computer

Computer is a technical machine that generally performs functions using programming given by us as a code or a data.Computer cannot understand human language so it use a software or a programming language as a human interface.There are around over 1 billion computers a little span of time computers have achieved the greatest technology called INTERNET .In little say about 10 years Internet has become a global phenomenon.

History Of Computer

Charles Babbage the inventor of the computer have devoted much of his time in making of his Difference Engine which has given birth to today's computer.His early computers could make a complicated calculations easily but it had a problem that the computer or machine (difference engine) he created weighed about 2.6 tonnes, over 4,000 and measured about 3.4 meter wide.

Timeline Of Computer

In 1642 -> Blaise Pascal invented a numeric wheel calculator that is an early mechanical adding machine.

Later in 19 century, Charles Xavier made an "ARITHOMETER" that can add,subtract,multiply and divide.

In 1822,the invention of the Difference Engine which changed the history of computer came in action by Charles Babbage

Analytical engine was invented in 1834 by Babbage.

In 1944, Harvard's Mark I, invented the first digital computer and later IBM invented Floppy Disk in 1967.

In 1980, people of U.S.A were using more than 1 million laptops

Milestone Of Internet

During 1960's Scientists of U.S.A began trying to work out how organisations could keep in touch with one another.
Later in 1970's the network was extended and till about 1973 computers were connected between London and Norway.
In 1991 the World Wide Web(WWW) was created.It combined word's,pictures and sounds.
From 2000 High Speed Broadband and wireless access were wide spread and more business using Internet was used to promote and sell products and services.


Computer OR Desktop PC

Now days people usually prefer laptops but the most fun and graphical usage can be done only in desktop. Pc gaming and Desktops such as Alienware are in action to children that are making them enjoy more than ever. Cost of gaming PC's Start From Rs.60000 to above 200000. Gaming Companies of Desktops are - Dell (Alienware), AMD etc.

Usage Of Graphics Card is now a days more important to run high resolution and hist textured games. graphics card companies are- Nvidia, Ati Radeon etc.

About Laptops

The small portable and handy Computer are mostly proffered by businessman and salesman. This advanced technology have every feature and deals with every problems. This handy computer is weighed about 1 to 3 kg max. Its screen is generally is TFT or LCD the role of laptop has really made the work of the world easier and simpler.
Laptops are cheaper than Desktop's the can be purchased at a low cost of less than Rs.12000.

Today's Technology

Online Transaction

In Today's world everything is now easier and simpler, its fast and saves time.Online transaction have given us the power to control everything just sitting at home and just with the help of a computer.
We can say that each and every work can be done online like we can pay bills, earn money, do jobs, book tickets etc.

Online banking provide us to buy or sell thing online such as buying material from

We can now simply live life with the technology of today's world. Computer have really changed our world and our living style.



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