How to protect your skin and hair this Holi

Now that Holi is just a day ahead, everyone is looking forward to celebrate this festival of colors with great zest and fun. But the use of artificial colors actually scares us enough to indulge yourself in this festival. But if one follows few simple tips its possible to take care of our skin and hair easily. This article helps you understand how to do it.

How to protect your skin and hair this Holi

HoliNow that Holi is just a day ahead, everyone is looking forward to celebrate this festival of colors with great zest and fun. Moreover, it has come up on a weekend which makes it convenient for everyone to make great plans for how to celebrate Holi with more and more fun. Holi is one such festival where people tend to indulge themselves in colors with others regardless of any enmity or fights. People from all religion, creed and caste celebrate this festival together. Today though things have changed, with many artificial and toxic color entering in the market, still the spirit has not gone down with people and they do continue enjoying Holi with same spirit and celebrations. But one can't forget the fact that these colors can harm you in a severe manner, if they are toxic. One may not feel anything the day they play with these artificial colors, but the next day brings with it a lot of complains related to skin and hair.

The artificial colors can give you:

- Severe skin rashes
- Skin irritation
- Eye infection
- Boils and pimples
- Acne

So one should take great care about how they could protect their skin and hair without keeping themselves out from playing this festival. Few home remedies may help you to protect your skin and hair better. Small things if taken care of will ensure you a great and happy Holi.

Tips on how to protect your skin and hair this Holi

Don't forget to oil your hair. It is very important that you oil your hair properly before you indulge yourself in this festival of color. If hair are applied oil, then the colors which generally are used for playing Holi may do considerable damage to your hair leaving them frizzy and dull. Also once the colors deposit on your scalp, it may get very difficult for you to wash them off. So do oil your hair properly and then proceed to play Holi.

Try wearing full sleeve clothes during Holi. If you fully cover yourself with full sleeve top or shirt and trousers, it may be very beneficial. By wearing fully covered clothes you actually protect your skim from maximum damage, as most of the color will settle on your clothes than on the skin.

Apply body lotion to your skin. Playing Holi leaves your skin dry and scaly. It's the colors which actually affect your skin. So it is a good idea if you apply a good moisturizer to your skin before playing with colors. This will ensure that the skin doesn't get too dry and scaly.

Try and apply a nail paint. This is a great idea for girls who don't wish to damage their nails with colors. Usually color leaves nails brittle and then they may chip off easily. But a good coat of nail paint can actually help you out in protecting your nails.

Wearing sun glasses may be a good idea. If you wear sun glasses while playing Holi, it may be beneficial for your eyes. Sun glasses will ensure that no color enters inside your eyes thus protecting them. Most of the time we observe that few people come and apply colors on our face with great force. It is during then that the chances of color entering inside your eyes increase. Hence it's ideal to wear sun glasses to protect your eyes.

Try to keep your mouth closed. This may sound a bit difficult, but it may actually help you out in a big manner. Most often, color enters inside your mouth staining your teeth. You may also tend to swallow some color if your mouth is open. So try to keep your mouth closed whenever somebody is putting color on you.

Follow this few steps and protect your skin and hair during this Holi. This way you may get to enjoy Holi without worrying about the colors.



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