Energy Sources - on which all world is running

We say that the world is running, but how? Energy sourrces are all behind thins. Energy sources are the cause of thins new running and devoloped world. If there were no energy sources then we might not see the day now we are seeing. This article will tell you the importance of energy sources and exactly what are they. You will come to know about types of different energy sources too.

ENERGY SOURCES are the backbone of the today's world. The could not be developed, as it is today, without the help of energy sources. Everyone is little famillier with some of energy sources in either way. Below they explained in brief.
Energy sources are mainly devided in two types. They are-
1) Non-renewable Energy sources
2) Renewable Energy sources
Non-renewable Energy sources --> As in their name they can not be renewed easily with the help of any reaction or either way. They are also called as Traditional Energy sources. Traditional or non-renewable energy sources are limitedly available and now they on the way of vanishing. They are formed by many biological reactions in the earth and they took millions of years to form. Coal, Petroleum, Natural gas are some examples of the traditional energy sources. Now human has used them very badly thus they are finishing now. That's why we need another type sources which will be long lasting and trusty. Thus human is finding new renewable energy sources and he is quite successful.
Renewable Energy sources --> These sources are renewable easily so they are long lasting exactly. Renewable energy sorces are pollution free that is they are eco-friendly too. Solar energy, Wind, Tidal energy, hydro-power plants are some examples of renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources will never end. But the drawback is they have very high installation cost though they give extremely low running cost. Further techniques should be finded to use non renewable energy sources.

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Guest Author: leena walawalkar30 May 2011

Yes you are correct. Further I want to add where there is will or great need there is way. Other unknown natural and artifical energy sources can be discovered or invented to minimise use of already existing energy resources. We must think and start implementing or trying for it , we will be surely successful.

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