Information on Birds - How do Birds fly?

When we are small kid we have always thinking that how the birds fly? why not we can fly? if we also have the feather we can fly. Today i would like to share the things that How the birds fly in the air without any support.

When i am small and i am watching how the parrot taking the around on the sky. My teacher caught me & asked me do you know "How the Birds fly?.

I replied teacher that - because they have got wings'

Teacher replied - "Yes, but if their muscles were not strong enough and their boned were not light, their wings alone could not have helped them to fly. A bird's body is meant for flying. Their bones are light with spaces full of air and their muscles are very strong which move their wings. And a bird's breast bone is like a ship's prow, it cuts through the air."

We all know when the birds take off, they beat their wings very fast. Once in the air, they beat their wings slowly and sometimes they don't and before landing, they again beat their wings quickly." When they flap their wings, its called "beating flight" and when they are quite still with their wings stretched out and are being carried by current of air, its called "gliding flight".

Know we understand how the bird flying in the air.

Do you know are there birds which do not fly :-

1. Hens trying to fly but they manage a few flaps. They can't fly like a other birds ie sparrows, parrots, crows etc.

2. Ostrich doesn't fly, but they are fast runners. the weight of the ostrich is 135 Kg and height is about 2.5 metres. They are tall.

Which Bird with the largest wings?

We know that - vulture or albatross

Albatross has a wingspread of over 3.5 metres, while the king vulture has a wingspread of upto 3 metres. An albatross is a sea bird and it wanders a lot.


Guest Author: Medha Srikanth16 Jun 2011


Good post,.

Birds are very beautiful and very attractive.

They make others feel very happy and feel good.

Mrs. Medha Srikanth

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