The Machanisms Of Weight Training

As stress is bad for life and we should not allow it to come to us as it most dangerous thing. the weight training is a very good method to stop stress from coming to your mind so that the monster stress could not take more life of people and students.As students are given stress by there parents if they score less or get failed due to this the students get mental pressure and have no chice to only end their precious life.

Our body is a wondrous and when subjected to unusual stress over a period of time, it adapts itself to deal more effectively with that stress. So when we exert our muscles against resistance, they are forced to adapt and deal with this extraordinary work load. This is the principal of weight training. Strands of muscle fibers become thicker and stronger in response to the demands.

One of the great merits of weight training is the strength of our heart. During weight training, our heart is forced to beat faster and stronger in order to pump sufficient blood to the muscles being worked. In time, our heart, like our body, will adapt to this extra-workload by becoming stronger and more efficient. Since our body needs a given amount of blood to perform its daily tasks our heart will now need fewer beats to pump the same quantity of blood. Sounds good? There's more. Our entire circulatory system is given a through workout every time we exercise, which increases its overall efficiency. Even the neural paths from we brain's command centers to each individual muscle become more effective, enabling easier recruitment of muscle fibers for carrying out physical tasks. In essence, we body becomes a well-oiled and finely-tuned piece of machinery, whirring along without any break-down. In today's stress filled world, we need all the help we can get.


Guest Author: Seeta22 Jun 2011


This is nice about the weight training.

Keep writing such information ...........

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