Information on Pus, Vitamin C, colour Blind

Today these articles contain the powerful knowledge on pus & information on our white and red cells, blood test requirement. Why is Vitamin C use of so fast from our body? Details on colour blind. Who are colour blind? What causes colour blindness? While writing these articles I realize that what I have learn in the school time, this article refreshing me about the things after a long time.

I had a boil in my right arm. It burst out yesterday and a lot of pus oozed out. Do you know why does pus appear?

When pus appears, it's a good sign. Now first let us know about white corpuscles. We all know that blood is made up of red corpuscles and white corpuscles.

Red corpuscles carry in oxygen and the white corpuscles defend the body against outside "enemies". We can say White corpuscles work as soldiers, who always ready to fight. When a bacteria attacks our body, the white corpuscles rush up to destroy it. Hence, the outwards sign of the battle is the pus, made up mostly of white corpuscles-"dead" in battle.

So, when pus appears, it means our body is able to fight its "enemies" I feel better when pus appeared. When pus appeared, the pain disappeared.

Why do we need Blood Tests -

Last Month I had high fever. I had to go for blood test. But I feel why do we need blood test? What does the blood say about our fever?

Suddenly I strike that f- Blood tests are needed because by analyzing a blood sample, the causes of the fever can be known. Blood tests find out whether any change has taken place.

When there is a high number of white corpuscles, it is a sing of infection. Why is it so? Because whenever any kind of attach takes place, the body produces lots more white corpuscles to defend itself. Why does it produce white corpuscles? We all now that because of the white corpuscles are the "guards" the "soldiers" of our body.

The blood test can only find out whether there is a virus or bacteria present in the blood. So blood test is necessary when we had a fever or any other infections.

Vitamin "C" use up so fast -

Our body needs all vitamins. But there is a problem with Vitamin C. we are not able to create Vitamin C in the livers of body. Almost all mammals are able to create Vitamin C in their livers. So they don't suffer from a lack of Vitamin C. But human being, apes and guinea pigs are the mammals that can't produce Vitamin C in their own bodies. So they have to take it in with their food. Moreover, Vitamin C is not stored up easily by the body. It can be stored up in small amount but not in sufficient amounts.

So we have to take it constantly. And the best sources of Vitamin C are oranges, lemons, grapefruits, strawberries.

Colour Blind -

Do you know bull sees the world in black and white. Then, why does a bull fighter waves his red cape inform of the bull?

Had he waved a blue cape, the bull would have charged upon him all the same. The bull does not see colours. Cats and dogs, bears, cows, whales – none of them can see colour.

We all see the world in colour. But some of us cann't make out colour properly. A person called John Dalton was a colour blind. He studied about people who were affected by colour blindness. That is why the medical name for colour blindness is Daltonism. There is a defect in the "cons" and "rods' in the eye. There are 70,00,000 "cons" which receive the colours and 12,00,00,000 "rods" which take in the light rays.

What causes Blindness -

I was shocked when I came to know there are at least fourteen million blind people in the world! My grandmother has got cataract and grandfather has glaucoma!

A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye. It can be removed by surgery. In glaucoma there is hardening of the eyeball and great pressure inside the eye. If it is discovered in time, there are medicines to control it.
Another disease is called TRACHOMA. This is the greatest single cause of the loss of sight. It is a contagious disease of the eyes caused by a virus. It affects the inner linings of the eye lids. Blood vessels also grow over the cornea. This can destroy the vision.

From the birth is called congenital blindness. Sometimes, a general disease of the body like diabetes or meningitis may also cause blindness.


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