What are Toddler Tantrums?

In this resource I have tried to explain that what are toddler tantrums and how can we as a parent help our children. Toddlers are a normal developmental stage. Always treat you child with respect.He/she will turn into a reasonable human being once they grow just give them your precious time.

A tantrum is an uncontrolled outburst that lasts for several minutes. Some children scream, kick, stamp their feet or even throw themselves to the ground. Tantrums are called as toddler tantrums because they are so common in this age group.

Does this happen at the age of 2?
Yes, it is. The peak age for tantrum is 15 to 36 months.

Why do only some children have tantrums?
Placid toddlers may have fewer tantrums, or start having them later, or grow out of the habit sooner than a child who is more highly-strung. However, to some extent tantrums are a part of every child's journey to greater independence.

Can I prevent tantrums?
Tantrums are most likely to be triggered when the child has been thwarted in some way. When a toddler wants something she wants it now and can't understand why he/she has to wait. Stay firm on important issues, but don't confront your child over trivial matters. A little patience on your part can work wonders in reducing the number of tantrums you have to endure.

How can I help my child?
When he/she has a tantrum ensure she comes to no harm. Some parents smack at this point but it is unhelpful. The child is not in a frame of mind to learn from it. He/she themselves doesn't know what they are doing. Hug and reassure when they calm down.

What can I do to stay calm?
Try not to get away with the tantrum no matter wherever you are. You are more intelligent and matured than your little toddler. If you are at home, try turning your back on her/him, or even leaving the room for a short while. The tantrum will stop because there is no point in putting on a play when there is no audience. Above all, don't give up. He/she has to learn that losing temper is pointless.


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