What To Eat To Stay Slim And Healthy

This resource provides the information of “What to eat to stay slim and healthy”. It contains what you should eat and what not to stay slim and healthy. It contains how to green tea help to weight loss. Green tea contains antioxidant which helps to weight loss. it also contains how honey work enhanced and reduced obesity and etc.

What to eat to stay slim and healthy

What to eat to stay slim and healthy and what not, it always remains confuses. Some say that the Carbohydrates intake is good for health, so if someone says that the drugs cause more harm rather than benefit. Dietitian says, Fat calories and protein calories in the body fat makes slim body; so eat more protein calories.
If you are confuse what you should eat and what not, give you some information

The green tea without milk

If you are addicted of tea drinking several cups a day, go to the option of green tea present antioxidant in green tea helps in weight loss; but it put a drink without milk. Indeed, many elements of the tea to reduce the fat, but fat loss in the tea and add milk decreases the capacity. The green tea for health is a great tonic and drinking green tea three times a day to fit you, you can keep fresh and energetic. But this advantage is more only when you drink it without milk.

Honey enhanced and reduced obesity

Honey is used to increases the weight and also decreases the weight. If you drink hot water with lemon, you can deduct kg in a month. Morning lemon water with honey and drink so often doctors recommend. If you warm the honey and drink, so it would be harmful rather than beneficial to the body. Also, if you eat in a day for granted many teaspoons honey, your weight gain is inevitable.

Avoid cheese

Cheese food is very tasty, but it is too much calories. So if your weight is more than plenty of cheese or sometimes not at all - to occasional. Indeed, the name Thyromine enzyme in cheese, which increases blood pressure a few points. Many people get headaches after eating cheese, vegetables and rolls out, she is due to Thyromine. It is well aware of all dairy products, cheese is the most fat. A dietitian says that the cheese contains body fat, but also much important nutrition so it is quite a bit. So it is better to avoid.


Salad is good for health. Fruit and vegetable salad makes the body healthy. But be sure to note whether it is fried in oil or something not wrapped. Dietitian says, the day from you eaten salad, it will be easier to be extremely slim .If you doing so may be lacking in the body protein and fat, the body will damage the other way.

It is said that bananas, grapes and carrots should not eat, because they have too much sugar. This is so wrong. They are not much calories, but also benefit the body with fiber, potassium, etc. is content. High protein intake is low Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates come down on the body is the lack of water. So it is safe to eat high protein, low fat does not. Many people say obesity will reduce water between meals but it is not; water helps the body to some extent digestion on calories does not work. Avoid Carbohydrates at morning, otherwise you will soon feel hungry again. If you eat carbohydrates at morning, eat protein with it.


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