Temples in Tamil Nadu

This resource provides information on the temples and the importance of the temples in the Tamil Nadu.

Temples in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the wonderful state which is fully covered with the temples. There are many kings who concentrated more on building temples all over the state. There are many architectural structures of Tamilnadu that are spreading. Each and every temple of Tamilnadu has its own history and reason for why that god was established. The hobbies of the Tamilnadu ancient kings were to build the architectural monuments of Tamilnadu and temples. The construction parts of the temples were very complicated such that people will definitely have a doubt on how the king was capable of building that temple. In the olden days there were no cranes and other recent technological equipments to build the temples but still he had used the elephants and the man power to build the temples. So every king who has contributed towards the building of temple has to be praised a lot.

Underground secrets of Tamilnadu temples:

Historical importance of Tamilnadu Temples are created by the great kings who are capable of building great architectural monuments. The kings concentrated more on the security part of it so that they maximum built more underground passages from the temple to their palace or to the other temples. In the recent years the underground passages are closed automatically. Building an underground passage is not an easy task. It takes serious calculations and more accuracy to fulfill the construction. It is said that there are more than 100 underground passages in the Thanjai peria koil. Raja Raja chozhan has been clever enough to build underground passage in connecting the temples with his palace and the other temples that are nearby. Panchanadheeshwarar temple is one of the Famous temple of thiruvaiyaru which is a place near Thanjavur. This is one of the images of the Panchnadheeshwarar temple.


The architect of Panchnadheeshwarar temple is also excellent because there are five underground passages from the temple. In that five underground passage, the place of the three underground passages is found out. One passage goes from the Panchanadheeshwarar temple to the Thanjavur temple. Now that passage is sealed. The specialty of this passage is that the passage route goes through the Pancha Nadhi – Five different rivers. The passage goes to Thanjavur under the five different rivers and we can wonder how he could create underground passage under the five rivers.

Importance of Tamil Nadu temples

It is said that, when a temple is taken care properly in a particular place then the people around that temple will also be taken care by the gods. So it is necessary that the frequent pooja should be performed in the temple. The temple has been given more importance such that the kings spent their whole life in building the temples. There were also many saints of Tamilnadu and the spiritual leaders of Tamilnadu who have given their maximum contribution to the temples. The god in each temple has some specialty and if the devotees go to that particular temple they will get the glory from the god. Most of the importance of the temples are just kept hidden. But all the temples were built with some strong reason and the power of the gods inside the temple is unlimited and that is responsible for protecting that particular village or town.


Guest Author: Varun12 Jun 2010

That was a good resource. It clearly proves that Temples were not only just places of worship but were built with caution for various disturbances.

As you said, civil engineering by our ancestors is really a marvel. Its quite hard to guess how they would have constructed all these tall gopurams. For example in Thanjai Periya Koil, the Gopurams topmost stone weight a billion kg wrt modern days calculation. Imagine how they could have lifted that stone and placed it over the top of the gopuram.

Not only that, sculptural designes and structures also creates an awesome feeling. In Thiruvanna malai, aiyaram kaal mandapam, you ll find sculptures in all the pillars... This is quite interesting

Our ancestors are great Engineers .. Proud to be an Engineer too :)

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