Raja Raja Chola and his temples

Raja Raja Chola is supposed to be one of the greatest kings in the ancient world who constructed various temples with some different concepts. People of Tamilnadu are very much fond of Raja Raja Chola for his great works and the temple construction.

Raja Raja Chola and his temples

Raja Raja Chola
Building temples has been a great hobby for the kings in the ancient world. All over the world the kings have planned for something different in order to gain the attention of the people who are going to come in the future. The making of the future plan by the kings is very common among all the kings present in the world. Raja Raja Chola is one of the greatest kings of Tamilnadu who stood as an example of a very good architect in building many temples all over Tamilnadu. Each temple that is built by the great King Raja Raja Chola will tell its greatness.

Building temples and the great monuments were a great hobby for the kings in Tamilnadu. Most of the kings are not only good in battle and protecting their territory from the invasion but also in developing the people very powerful in spiritual part of it also. The temples built by the different kings will have its own different concept. The temples built by Raja Raja Chola are also unique in its construction. But the great master piece of his work was the construction of the Tanjore big temple. The Raja Raja Chola was not only good in building temples and monuments he also focused on the developing of the country people.

Tanjore big temple

Specialty of the Raja Raja Chola temples

Among the other great temples built by the great kings all over the world and in India the temple built by Raja Raja Chola have to be taken more seriously because of the construction part of the temple that is very unique when compared to the other temples that are present in India. In every temple construction the Raja Raja Chola will make the impossible to possible. There will be certain thing that Raja Raja will implement new to create some specialty of the temple.

The most interested god of Raja Raja Chola is the Lord Shiva. With his blessings he started to build the Tanjore big temple and there is also evidences that tell that it took more than 10 years to build the Tanjore big Temple with the help of nearly 1000 workers. The temple was supposed to be built with the help of the different elephants. The temples that are mostly built by the Raja Raja Chola are built with the help of the elephants. Raja Raja Chola had more than 1000 elephants for the construction of each temple. This made his construction possible because he always uses some complicated process or complicated idea for the construction of the temples.

Difficult task by Raja Raja Chola for temple construction

Lord Shiva in Tanjore big temple
In every temple that the Raja Raja Chola construct he will implement one great thing for making the impossible possible. In the temple construction Raja Raja Chola always chose the rocks from a distant place from the exact place of the temple. In today's world it is very tough to move great rocks from one palace to other. But he has totally used the elephants in those days to move the rocks from place to place. So imagine how many elephants would have implemented for this work.

The next most important thing is the construction of the underground passage from the temples to the palace and also from one temple to the other temple. The underground passage construction is not a very easy task but the great king Raja Raja Chola has implemented it. There are evidences to prove that the Raja Raja Chola is a great king and also a great architect. In his creation that is the Tanjore big temple still there are various secrets that are hidden.

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Why was Tanjore big temple built?

Most of the temples in Tamilnadu are built because of some specific reason. In the same way the Great Tanjore big temple was also built with some particular plan by the great King Raja Raja Chola before 1000 years.

Mysteries of Tanjore big temple

There are various mysteries that are hidden behind the Tanjore big temple and the construction part of the Tanjore big temple. It is very interesting to read and know about the mysteries of the Tanjore big temple. Some of the Mysteries are still kept hidden.

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