Tourist Attractions near Point Calimere Wildlife Bird Sanctuary Tamilnadu

Birds are not the only attractions in the Point Calimere Wildlife Bird Sanctuary, Tamilnadu. Find out other places to see and tourist attractions near Point Calimere Wildlife Bird Sanctuary.

Tourist Attractions near Point Calimere Wildlife Bird Sanctuary Tamilnadu

Point Calimere Tamilnadu is specifically famous for the much reputed Point Calimere Wildlife Bird Sanctuary Tamilnadu. However, there are much more to see apart from the bird sanctuary itself. If you go to Point Calimere and see nothing excluding the wildlife sanctuary, you will miss a lot of things because there are so many Tourist Attractions around Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary. Here we have given a list of places to see near Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary. So, if you are actually planning to visit that place, do not forget to include the following sites as well into your itinerary.

Places to See Around Calimere Bird Sanctuary

There are so many things to see around the Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary. Here is a list of some of them -

Ramar Padam Ramar Padam: Literally meaning The Footprint of Rama, this place is situated on the highest peak inside the land of the wildlife sanctuary. It is actually a small shrine mythically believed to have been hosting the footprints of Rama on stone. This place becomes a witness to large congregations of the devotees of Lord Rama, in order to celebrate Ram Navami Festival, usually around the second week of April every year.

Navakodi Sitthar Aalayam: This is a temple located in the south of the Kodiakkarai village. There is a legend behind this mythical place. People believe that the wedding ceremony of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathi Amman had occurred at this location and that august ceremony was attended by a large number of Sitthars here. The Chola kings were used to pay their homages to this shrine regularly. A large number of devotees from all across Tamilnadu and beyond gather here on every Amaavasai and Pournami. The serene and tranquil atmosphere of this place just adds to the diving feeling and peace of mind a devotee usually acquires here.

Sanyasin Muniaswar Kovil: Sanyasin Muniaswar Kovil is a shrine which is situated between the eastern bank of the Lake Muniappan on one side and the Kodaikarai Road on the other. On all auspicious occasions, devotees from all around Tamil Nadu and also from other states come to the Sanyasin Muniaswar Kovil to worship here. A special worship is organized and carried out every year amidst great pomp and grandeur on March 20.

Mattumunian Kovil: Mattumunian Kovil is a small shrine which is located towards the south of the Point Calimere Wildlife Bird sanctuary which enjoys a fair gathering of worshippers all round the year. One of the major festivals of the Mattumunian Kovil takes place on the third Friday of every September.

Modi Mandapam: Modi Mandapam is a small temple situate quite close to the Ramar Padam. It is a worship place for people of all castes and thus plays an important socio-historical role. According to the Hindu legends, Lord Vedaraneswarer spent a night at this place with his consort. Around the last week of February or the first week of March, a major festival is celebrate here to commemorate that divine visit.

Avulaiganni Dargah: Avulaiganni Dargah is the Durgah or tomb of a Muslim saint and this place is also very close to Ramar Padam. Though this place is primarily a place of pilgrimage for the Muslims, Hindu people along with believers in other religions also assemble here to pay their homage at the Avulaiganni Dargah.

Shevrayan Kovil: Shevrayan Kovil is a shrine which is dedicated to the deities Shevrayan and Soni. The shrine is hidden in the deep forests that cover the northern area of the Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. A huge gathering of the devotees from Arcothurai carry on a special festival here every year in June or July.

Point Calimere Adivasi Colony: Adivasi Colony, literally meaning Tribal Village, is a small habitation of the utterly poor and marginalized community of Ambalakars, spending their days in the ramshackle huts of mud, Point Calimere Adivasi Colony coconut fronds and palmyrah leaves. This settlement is located on the edge of the village Kodaikarai. The traditional livelihood of these tribal community was the collection of non-timber forest goods. But after the forest was taken to form the wildlife sanctuary, their old practices are now prohibited though not fully eliminated. However, though deprived of their traditional livelihood owing to the development of the Point Calimere Wildlife Bird Sanctuary, these tribal people are yet to receive a healthy compensation or scope for alternative living from the authority. Most of these peoples nowadays earn their livings by catching and small prawns and fish in the mudflats and swamps around their huts. However, they catch fish simply by groping the water with bare hands. A few of them labour in the salt pans nearby. These tribal people have too little interactions and communications with the other residents of the island.

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