Population Census 2011 Statistical report of the Tamil Nadu populations 2010-2011 Calculations

This resource is for the purpose of tamil nadu census 2010-2011. It gives more informations about the census which is taking in two phases. the firat phase in july 2010 and second phase in february 2011. It also gives the information about the data to be collected in each phases of the census 2011.


The Population Census in Tamil Nadu for the year 2011

The Census is a scheme for the calculation of the people in the country. The Census has been taken every ten years once in all over the country. This gives full details about the population of the country, the total income of the people, the assets and house details of the people, the education of the family members, the birth date and marital status and etc. The Census 2010-2011 has been taken in two phases in Tamil Nadu and also in all over the country. In each Phase, the Census inspectors would collect much information from the people. The government instructed the people that the severe action will be taken among the people those who are refusing to give the family and other details during the Census.

Phase I of Census in Tamil Nadu for the year 2011

The first phase of the Census in Tamil Nadu and in all over India was conducted during June and July 2010. The Census inspectors went to the each and every house in person and collected the information for the first phase of the Census 2011.In the first phase of the Census, they collected the twelve information from each and every family including the residence of the people, the total number of houses, the water facility and the electrical facility etc. The first phase of the Census work was completed successfully in July 2010. The collected information from the family in first phase also had been stored in computer during the past six months.

Tamilnadu census 2011

Phase II of Census in Tamil Nadu for the year 2011

The continuation of the first phase, the second phase of the Census 2011 is being started on 9th February, 2011. The entire process of second phase of the Census will be completed within 21 days, on 28th February, 2011 in Tamil Nadu. There is no extension period will be given after the scheduled date. The total amount of rupees 2200 Crores have been allocated for the Census 2011 purpose. There will be 1, 50,000 peoples involved in this Census work process like teachers, government officials and etc. There would be 150 Corporation heads involved in this process as a in charge for all over Tamil Nadu. There are nine thousand persons involved in this process at Chennai with target of 200 families for each person should collect the information. Each filling form has the capacity to fill the information for eight members in a family. If there are more than eight members in a family, then separate additional form will be used. In order to indicate the Census process is completed, a sticker will be fixed in each house for the identification purpose. At present, 1.7 % of people have been left in the Census during the first phase. The government has taken many steps to get the information from the above persons and also to reduce the above percentages. In second phases of the Census 2011, the Census person will collect 29 information from each families those who gave the information in the first phase. The collected information from the people will be kept in secrete and secured. So, the people may give their family information and other details about the family without any fear.


Information will collected or required in phase II of the Tamil Nadu census 2011

1. The name of the all family members with initial and surname.
2. The relationship of the family members to the family head.
3. The sex of the family member by indicating Male or Female.
4. The date of Birth and age of the each family member.
5. The present marital status of the family member.
6. The age at the time of married to know the marriage age.
7. The Religion and Nationality of the family members.
8. Whether the member belongs to SC/ST category.
9. The mother tongue of each family member.
10.The other languages known to the family members.
11.The information about inability or physically challenged persons.
12.The writing ability of the person in a family.
13.The status of school going persons.
14.The educational status and economical sources.
15.The previous employable status of the persons.
16.The economical bag round and implementation status.
17.The present status of the person.
18.The present business and job details of the person.
19.The type of employment of each person.
20.Whether the person is searching for the job or ready to do some jobs.
21.The place of present job, work.
22.The place of birth
23.The place last living
24.The status of new replacement of residential places
25.The child status including birth and death.
26.The death status on the families
27.The income of primary sources on the family
28.The income of secondary sources on the family.
29.The house and residential status whether rental or owned house.


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