Rural education in Tamilnadu & Video conferencing method to promote education in Tamilnadu

Drop outs in schools are the main problem we are facing in rural education in Tamilnadu. This is problem is not only in Tamilnadu but also in may parts in India. I have covered the Main factors effecting rural education in Tamilnadu adn possible solutions to them. Video conferencing is one of the main future we can use in educating the students and parents. Read more about these issues in this resource.

Technology day to day advancement has brought a great variation in life style, and still a lot of segregation and differentiation exists among people, especially rural to urban. Education is the only way to bring proper focus among students and erase all existing segregations. Especially "RURAL EDUCATION" has very important significance in a developing country like INDIA.

Main factors effecting rural education in Tamilnadu

• Lack of awareness among students.
• Parents' unwillingness to send their children to school because of poverty. When they can't afford them to provide two times a meal per day, it is hard task for them dreaming to send their children to schools.
• Schools in rural area lack minimum basic facilities and proper resources.
• Lack of proper motivation and guidelines.

Rural students in Tamilnadu don't have proper idea on world around them, especially career opportunities, technical inventions, latest advancements. When they are of their villages seeking for job or higher education, they loose their confidence, because of much contrasted life style, they feel intense fear to face the outer world, due to which they fail to express themselves. Faith and talent in them get suppressed. It is really hard to believe that few of the rural students committed suicide due to guilt conscious that they are unfit to face the world of abilities. There reported a case where a girl committed suicide as she was unable to speak English unlike her friends and considering herself as not well mannered as her friends. This incident really makes us confessing and serious need of taking steps to improvise their conditions.

Few implementations by the support from NGO'S and other private institutions of India

• A digital rural school in (U.P-Burbank district) Matura village uses pre recorded DVD's for teaching students of 15-18 years old rural youth in attending exams privately, this school has 50 students and they are maximum benefited in learning even though teachers are not available at the school with the help of mentor.
Rural children blog (through net) in (A.P) in village KALLEDA, helps school students to learn English and connect them with the world like a window into rural India. In this blog in which they narrate about them selves to connect outside.
EPODS implementation in a village in Karnataka costs of 4,000 (which uses a chip resembles in apple iphone manufactured by MYFI networks) is very useful acting as a supplement to teachers efforts and enhance the learning skills of students.

Generally "Video conferencing" is used for telecommunication of audio and video to bring people at different sites together for a meeting, Already Video conferencing is a revolution in the field of education which is successfully been implemented in few schools . At present "video conferencing" is mostly used in providing visual effects for students to improve their iQ levels, to enhance the presentations of the teachers using graphics and animation.

How to install confidence ,develop communication skills, motivate them to achieve their goals

Method of video conferencing brings in touch with students of different life style through mutual interaction i.e., bringing two unlike mode of people together and helps them to share their views, thoughts and beliefs and their state of life. It's a natural tendency of a person to know about the other individual who are complete contrast from them. So regular sessions conducted for students will be very advantageous in developing social outlook of the students.

During conferencing they should have group discussions, debate, and to express their life style. Each student should be given a chance to exhibit their internal talent to world outside. Any talent like painting, sketching, dance, music or their longing wish for any sports or games may be a topic of interest for discussion. When a student communicates with other their knowledge shares and they get to know lot more. These types of sessions help students to group together from various areas. Like birds of same flock fly together, students can extend their hands each other in bringing out their abilities.

Because of frequent meetings student's zeal will increase, their communication ability develops; they will be constantly in touch with new technical inventions. This live conferencing will erase the borders of distances, religion economic and social status, another important thing is the definition of friendship gets it real meaning.

One more important criterion is that urban students will come to know about the real India from child hood, which may stimulates social responsibilities in them and helps them to modify into best individuals by trying to solve the problems existing at that instant.

How to motivate parents to send their children to schools in Tamilnadu

Major problem suffocating rural education is drop outs, children less than 14 years children are forced to work for lively hood. So to motivate parents let the "video conferencing" shall be one aid. Parents need to know the bright future their children's going to experience if educated. They must be given confidence that their children will definitely get employed and many scholars like SRI APJ KALAM and RAMANUJAN evolved, from villages scattering all difficulties as icons for the world "since they were educated by their parents".

This is really possible by detailed view and exemplifications from councilors, psychologists, educationalists, by gathering all rural students' parents at schools. Since many delegates can't reach every door of a parent to motivate them, this video conferencing really helps parents to know from experts and express their problems to the administrators and the media, so necessity of solutions for their common problems will be spot lighted.

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