Why the quality of Education is lacking? Solutions to Improve Education System in Tamilnadu

Many of us are well aware of that the quality of education in Tamilnadu/India is lacking behined its success. I fee that the problem lies with in the way we are teaching the students .i.e with the teachers. Here is a small solution to improve the quality of education in India by taking a different ways of methodology.I discussed the possibility outcomes of the present teachings.

Why the quality of Education in Tamilnadu is lacking?

Education is a thing which should yield the fruit of knowledge for the person who perusing it in what ever the subject (or) standard he/she studies. The growth and development of the county on all sectors depends on the quality of education you give to the people .According to that we able to get the good out in form of leaders, professionals, engineers etc. If we fail to give this mission successfully then the problem starts, so in this article we first look upon the challenges, criteria, some basic problem we face in the rural education.

The first and foremost purpose of the education is to create a good human in the society, the other elements like good professionals like doctor, engineer are next to it. The intention of education should be occur knowledge and to develop the creativity and other skills to compete the world in a broader way of thoughts.

Current Curriculum and Content education in Tamilnadu

The education in rural India is always contradicted, when it comes to employability. Most of the student lacks the basic knowledge. When you take up the civil exam to the basic questions what you study up to standard 10 is enough to clear the preliminary exam. But most of the student struggle to do this. This is because of lack of basic knowledge in which they studied. Most of the student sticks to the curriculum and exams. The same thing happens to the student coming for a technical interview in engineering stream. The employer checks his technical knowledge even though he gets a certificate from a reputed institutes.

The current curriculum for school education is average but the reach to the student is poor. Our curriculum lacks a lot in real-time implementation and examples. If seems to be a one way communication. We need some interaction based system. There should be lot of practical teaching. When you compare to the other countries like Japan. They learn how to do as semblance a TV in standard 10 but here our engineering students are not able to do. Only the practical working of a subject leads to new ideas and creativity for the further inventions (particularly in rural areas)There should be a choice given to the student to select a subject of his interest they can choose their own subjects like (agriculture, commerce, law, arts) and they can practice in their subject which can bring new innovations.

Teaching methodology in Tamilnadu/India Lack of Practical Implemention

Teaching methodology plays a vital role in education, it is the most powerful tool in education (how you teach). A subject becomes most interesting or dull, tedious is only in the method you teach the student that subject. The teaching should create a interest and fascination towards the subject. Even the last (average) student should admire the subject and should create a passion but existing system is not like that. The teaching method should avoid hashing and forcing the student to study anything, there should be live-visual teaching in rural areas, their should be a positive motivation given to the students.

Using an effective teaching method we eradicate terrorism, Terrorism can be uprooted 100% only by educating the students and people that to by a good teaching method which accepted by all. By using soft and care way of teaching we can able to overcome this problem. For example if we can take the naxal areas in west Bengal may be its difficult now to stop terrorism but by education we can change the life of people in future, because no one is born as a terrorist. This is one of the biggest challenge face by all the countries, by using the right way of teaching like teach the student to love the subject and products then they will not go for destruction. The teaching method should concentrate on each and every student, we should follow the psychological approach according to the student this can be done with expert panels. The regular training on all the aspects of education and new method to handle the students should be given to the teachers I am not saying the existing training process it could be make them to think OUT OF BOX.

Existing & New learning Models should implement in Education in Tamilnadu

There are many drawbacks in the existing model of learning this leads to inefficient in education. The main issues are, the huge class strength this make trouble for the teacher and also to the student, The size of the class should be 30 which help us to concentrate on every one. The existing curriculum contains more theory it can be changed with lot of practical way of learning by giving some projects this can increase the creativity and ideas for new innovation. There can be expert panels to assist the teachers and students also for giving counseling to them. they can make the student specialize in the area in which he interested , give more visual classes and guest lecturers by the experts this can be done using teleconference. The new way of learning will be fun & play to them which makes the teacher to have close bonding with the students. To make more interesting the government can announce great incentives to the best teacher, administrator,student,school this may motivate them for better performance.

Education system in India always puts them in a under pressure situation, the real vision of the education is not seen by most of the student. The student in the school is in a pressure to score high marks or to pass the exam this spoils the real vision of understanding the subject and in getting the knowledge. The other major problem in rural India is the student are forced to earn in little ages ,they also get bored with the stereotype class rooms this leads to a huge dropouts in the rural areas.

The mark pressure should removed ,then only the education leads the student to a broader vision, the exams should check their knowledge and understanding of the subject it should not be conducted for marks. Curriculum must make the student to involve in the subject rather than forcing him. Education should be in interactive manner not in the older stereotype method.

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Guest Author: S.Sowmya23 Feb 2011

Wonderful article Kranthi, and you are absolutely right and even I have seen some students who are highly educated, yet they struggle when they are in a position to apply it in a real time situation. Just theoretical knowledge is not enough, some practical experience is needed at some part of their education. Interactive way of teaching and learning is always best. Passion is all needed to teach and to learn new things too. Thanks for coming up with this nice article.


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