Importance of Education in India & Why do we need to educate people

In this resource I have tried to explain why india is still "Developing country". The following article is purely my view is present education system. I have tried to explain about the importance of rural education in India and what are the results if we educate them.

Importance of Education in India & Why do we need to educate people

India constitutes of 700,000 villages which play a major role in future
1development, economy of the country. Education in Tamilnadu is very important with regard to a citizen of the state. Education makes people to ask the question "why?" which is very important. When these happens people start thinking "why? how?" it leeds them to have good governance, smooth flow of services offered in the present society. As we are in the world of technology, education is very important for the betterment of the system.

From the past 25 years we are saying that India is a developing country and we haven't progressed much in this regard. One of the major factor for this is due to lack literacy, which inturn resulted in poor governance. Any nation which is developed people are educated. Education will allow us to to have a society with social justice and a society which is free of economic disparity. It will make us to lead a comfortable life. As a famous quote says "Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave." it is very important in any aspect of the modern society.
80% of population live in villages in India, and 90% of the people in rural India are uneducated. As the system has changed, majority of Indian rural majority of population are carrying out their livlihood by agriculture and daily labour, and there are no regular (caste based works) works due to modernisation.

Education became a very important aspect and giving education in rural India has also become a problem due to various reasons. So, rural education is a major issue which is to be concentrated in our country. Education perspective is responsible for judging the nature of methodologies, curriculum so that they satisfy the purpose they are meant for. It gives us an idea of how things are going at basic level and ideas to improve them. It deals with the relations between the basic stake holders of rural education in India.

Everyone the people who are thinking on the lines of economy, governance & policy, technology has to ultimately give their solutions which will improve things like quality of education, quantity of people being educated, which results in better teacher-parent-student interaction, so whatever it might be the discussions, improvements they must be satisfied in education perspective. Even if everyone is successful in their respective areas if it is not successful in education perspective it's of no use. So, this track plays a crucial role in current scenario.

1School education in India is the place we can find the real interest of the student .if the basic education is right then he will be a bright student here we need a special care for all the students . we can teach them good characters and love to them I hope so this will build a brighter India. Most of us inspire only in our school life, we will look for role model , we will have a great energy level. I hope if we capitalize the students and their creativity in a right way then we can able to build a greater future for our nation and also for our planet.

An estimated 774 million adults – two-thirds of whom are women – lack basic literacy skills and the majority of them are rural. The majority of illiterate children, youth and adults live in rural areas and are involved in ensuring food for themselves and the wider community while lacking equal access to quality basic education. Those most likely to drop out of school or to not attend at all are often girls and those from poorer households living in rural areas.

Education In India is the process of getting knowledge and clarity of toughs in gives us lot of experience to shape up in our life. I am interested in educating people education gives solution most of the problem in the society, I am particularly interested in school education because it is the place we can change the people and lot of time is there to make their dream true . They have the flexibility to change themselves.

Finding the loopholes in today's educational system is very essential in order to come up with a proper structural methodology and everyone should realize that the ultimate aim of education is not employability but knowledge and everything will come your way once knowledge is achieved, people should understand the problems, put in ideas and work together then alone a change which we all want to see is possible!!

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