My experience & methodology about educating people in Tamilnadu

In this resource I have tried to explain about the flaws in present education system where everything is dependent on marks. Recently I visited a place called kollimalai a hill station a part of our research programme. We were shocked by seeing the education over there. In this resource I have tried to explain all the solutions in detailed manner.

My experience & methodology about educating people in Tamilnadu

Education is a part of every one's life. We are all students right from when we are born, we learn right from our childhood to walk, eat, sit, and all other silly things which we would regret why is it that the education system framed for us does not attract us to learn, is it because we feel we don't have to learn what other have done or there are other means to get through the system. What can be done to improve the education, is it the person or the system.

My experience about education system in Tamilnadu

I would say it is the system which spoils a person. Before I could explain my methodology I would like to brief my experience whit this education system. So for me my elementary part of the schooling I completed it in a normal school ,that was where i learn all I know today ,the basics in language and the manners ,then I did my secondary education in a private school in my place where education was all about getting mark .It was like we don't have a life if we don't get marks after that with whatever mark I got I was able to join a residential college to do my higher secondary schooling ,here it was the mature part of life and I got to learn everything out of education system framed and learnt my life but then here I am doing my engineering now.

Education system framed is completely corrupted by the word "marks"

As I said earlier education is a part of life, so why don't we make the kind of education we provide become a part of our lives.

I will explain my system of education through an example that I experienced.

The hills of Kollimalai

This is from a place called kollimalai a hill station on the border of Namakkal and Salem .It was announced as a taluk the previous year. It is an under developed tourist place . it is famous for its jackfruit and its ayurvedic nature. Here the most of the population is contributed by tribal people. They a completely isolated from the urban lifestyle and are still in the verge of culture change .In there population only 10% of the population is educated. They don't worry about getting educated because they own lands and the just make their living out of it. So they don't have to worry about of the other things and they feel education will not be able to influence their life in anyway so they keep avoiding the education.

What makes them avoid the education? What will make them want to learn? So what actually will get the people to learn? Education which becomes a part of the person is important .So now you get the question how to make it a part of life?

Part of Life Education

So part of life education means nothing but like we brush our teeth every day, bathe and wear our dress properly, education should be one with life. How will it be possible? We know that people of habitat have their own profession or liking. So what does this have to do with education?

I would say telling the people to learn something they totally are dormant about is like pouring water in a closed bottle. So if the education system could teach them methods to improve the way of doing things they have been doing so far or they are interested to do.

So if we teach the people what their nativity is then the advantages are not just that they learn but the other things are that we can stop the destruction of the cultural heritage and we could all see the people have their innovation their part of field.

The negative side of this methodology

The first drawback of this would be restricting them to their habitat but one way we could say that learning something that they are going to do every day is much better than learning something that they are never going to see in their life.

The next drawback will be that we would have to have persons for each field but this won't be a big problem when the system is working as it will provide the required persons as it grows

So I would like to end this article of mine by saying that it is not important how much we learn the important thing is that what we learn should be of a helping hand in our life
"Let the lessons you learn be your friend,
It will surely lend its hand to you one day "

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