Importance of Liver and its functions in human body

This article will introduce you to one of the most important organ of Human Body called Liver and the role it plays in our body and how to keep it in good condition.

Functions of Liver

1. Liver stores the Iron content of the body with it which gives strength to the body to do its functions.
2. Liver carries out the digestion process for us.
3. It Detoxifies the poisonous chemicals that goes into the body by way of drinking alcohol and taking drugs, Which keeps us going without which those chemicals could have killed many long before.
4. Carbohydrates, glucose and fat are stored in the form of energy which is released as and when required by the body.
5. Liver reproduces the blood in our body.
6. Time to time new proteins are produced by the Liver which is needed by the body to stay healthy and keep growing.
7. The air we breathe in contains lot of pollutants which is cleared by Liver, which could otherwise be poisonous.
8. It helps the blood to clot easily and early when accidently we start bleeding.
9. Liver helps us to fight against the germs we take in continuously without our knowledge in everyday life thus preventing us from infections.

How to keep liver in condition

1. Avoid drinking as it harms the Liver very badly.
2. Avoid taking drugs without advice as it damages the Liver.
3. Avoid breathing in poisonous chemicals like insect spray, wear a mask if necessary.

Liver never complaints if you bother it too much, without caring about what you do and it tries to carry on its work till the maximum it can perform, after which it will fail suddenly giving a lot of problem for you, if its overloaded too much.

Liver should be always soft and smooth, if its hard and bumpy means its facing problem. Better get it checked with the help of blood screening. Doctor may advice for Ultra Sound and CT scan to check it out fully.

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