About increasing mobile towers and health effects due to its harmful frequency radiation in Chennai,

Mobile companies in Chennai have increased in number and so is the increase in their number of mobile towers in Chennai, which are harmful for the health and moreover lack of proper guidelines to check on the radiation frequencies emitted makes it more vulnerable, read on to find out more details on the same.

Telecom industry in Chennai is growing at a very fast pace and due to telecom boom in the market lot of new players are emerging, which makes telecom companies increase their network capacity to serve more and more customers by installing additional towers in the city, every day a lot of new site goes up on air as they try to cover the maximum areas compared to their competition.

Currently the mobile users in Chennai have crossed more than 1.6 Crore in number and it's still growing, not a single space is left as towers are being placed everywhere be on commercial or residential place, whether proper guidelines are followed and if its approved by the government is a question mark. Knowing or unknowingly mobile companies in Chennai and property owners in Chennai are getting into mutual agreement for their benefit which affects the health of lot of people as these towers emit radiations which are proving to be harmful for their neighborhood and themselves.

After Delhi and Mumbai who are first and second in terms of mobile user's population in the metropolitan city with about 2.4 Crore and 2.06 Crore, Chennai ranks third in the mobile subscriber's base with 1.6 Crore, but strict monitoring of guidelines applications, when it comes to tower installation by telecom companies, are being followed in most of the places which is lacking in Chennai.

Precautions adopted by other states while installation of mobile towers

When it comes to installation of towers in Delhi, companies need to take clearance of various departments like Fire Officials, Urban act commission, Airport Authority Metro Rail Corporation, Archaeology department and so on, moreover the structure stability reports need to be passed through institutions like IIT .Similarly in Mumbai it is not allowed to install towers on top of hospitals, school and colleges.

Pollution control board has to certify installations that the emitted radiation is well under control else the companies have to pay heavy penalty for violations and in places like Himachal Pradesh the telecom companies have to take grant from local environmental bodies that the towers are under emission and noise control levels, they need to pay renewal charges of Rs10,000 for every tower apart from the installation charge of Rs20,000.

One of the best practices followed at West Bengal is that they erect signboards near the towers mentioning the radiation frequency to caution the people about the health hazards of staying in the nearby vicinity for long and the need to keep changing the maintenance person also to avoid getting infected.

So Chennai has a long way to go and it now rests in our hands, how we take it forward as the growth rate in the number of towers recorded seems to be enormous, from about 2,000 antennas recorded in 2009 by Chennai Corporation, it has grown to about 4,000 towers. There is no proper clearance from the authorized institutions in Chennai on how to go about the same and there is a need for clear guidelines on the norms to be followed while installation of towers takes place though there have been instances of complaints recorded on the harmful effects of radiation from the mobile towers.

Effects of radiation on human beings

Mobile towerThere have been health problems reported by people living near such mobile towers who do not get proper sleep in the night and always have headaches when they are at home which was later found to be effects of the harmful radiation from these dangerous antennas similarly a woman in Mumbai was reported to have developed cancer after being in a flat for many years which was very close to the tower and it is advised many a times for pregnant women not to be in place where high radiations are recorded as it may affect both the child and the mother.

Some other common facts we get to hear from people around us are things like mobile should not be kept under the pillow or near us while sleeping as it keeps emitting harmful rays and it should not be kept in shirt pocket near heart and also should not be kept in pant pockets for various reasons, which are proved or not, it is always better to use mobile phones when it is needed and not to fiddle with it always keeping in hand.

Hope the government wakes up soon to the adverse effects caused by these towers and brings about some changes to minimize the exposure to such harmful radiation frequencies from mobile towers in Chennai and also to spread awareness among the people of Chennai to avoid unknowingly becoming victim to such health hazards.

What telecom companies have to say on radiation effects

On the contrary telecom companies claim that no such radiations are generated which is harmful as the facts are clear that there is no major increase in the number of people affected by radiation which is said to cause cancer or brain tumor as the towers have increased but so should have the affect of it on humans which is not so as there is only a marginal increase.

Any which way we should be aware and cautious to keep away from ill effects if any so to be on the safer side lets follow the below possible steps from our side whether government or Telecom companies do anything in the interest of public or not.

Ways to avoid getting affected by radiations from mobile towers

Avoid long calls
As far as possible try to keep your conversation short and sweet that way you do not expose yourself to the radiations much, it is recommended to not exceed more than 30 minutes of talk minutes per day, it is always better to SMS or email rather than talking over the mobile for longer duration.

Use hands free
It's recommended to always use hands free if you cannot avoid being on long duration calls, that way atleast you can be little away from the mobile radiation directly hitting you as a small distance makes a lot of difference in the amount of radiation we get exposed too.

Keep away when not in use
When not in use keep the mobile at a distance of atleast a foot away from the body, generally people tend to keep it in their pocket or waist or even they keep their mobile in hands when not in use which is also harmful as they keep emitting radiations which might affect the body due to direct exposure. Also during sleep time avoid keeping mobile near head such as keeping near or under the pillow which is also equally harmful.

Use less in low coverage area and in roaming
Using mobile in low coverage area emit more radiations as they try to be hooked onto the network with great difficulty and during roaming the mobile tries to be continuously search for better signals because of which the risk is high.

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