How to do Tamil Traditional Yoga Asana to cure Arthritis of lower Back.

Are you suffering from Arthritis of lower Back, suffering from stiff Back. Find difficulty in twisting your body. Then this article is for you. Your problems ends with practicing this Tamil Traditional Yoga Asana named after Rishi Bharadvaja. Hope this Yoga Asana will help you to feel better.

Tamil Traditional Bharadvaja Yoga Asana to cure Arthritis and stiff Back.

Arthritis means problems in the joints. Arthritis word is derived from Greek word arthron means joint and latin word itis means inflammation. In Tamil Traditional Yoga Asanas there are plenty of asanas which cures Arthritis. Here we will learn to do Bharadvajasana to cure Arthritis and stiff Back as well.

This asana is dedicated to the Saint Bharadvaja who is the father of archery expert Drona who taught skills of archery to Kauravas and Pandavas in Mahabharata. This asana makes the Back supple and helps in performing difficult lateral twisting poses in Yoga.

How to perform Tamil Traditional Bharadvaja Yoga Asana.

Do Dhandasana. Dhanda means staff or rod.

Sit on the floor; stretch your legs straight in front.
Place your palms on the floor besides your hips.
Your fingers should point towards your feet.
Stretch your hands straight.
Keep the back erect which is important.

This Yoga Asana is known as Dhandasana. Initially you may feel a pulling sensation under the knees. It will be difficult to keep your back erect. Breathing will faster. With regular practice you will overcome those difficulties.

Now flex your knees, bring both the feet to the right side besides your right hip.
Rest your buttocks on the floor.

If you are beginner in Yoga, at this stage you may not get balance to rest buttock on the floor. It will be difficult. I would advice to practice this stage for a few sessions until you feel confident to proceed to next step..

Then turn your trunk about 45 degrees to the left.
Now take your right arm and straighten it.
Place it on the outer side of your left thigh near the left knee.
Then insert the right hand underneath the left knee.
Your right palms should touch the floor.
Now Exhale, turn your left arm from the shoulder behind the back.

At this stage you may not get balance and even you may fall down towards your left side. If you feel so, keep practicing for a few sessions, without lifting your left arm from the floor, until you feel comfortable to move on to next step.

Then bend the left elbow, clasp the right upper arm above the right elbow.
Turn the neck to the right and gaze over the right shoulder.

This Yoga Asana is known as Bharadvajasana. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.with deep breathing, Then loosen your hands and straighten your legs. Come to Dhandasana and perform this pose on the left side. Stay for equal length of time. Relax lying on your back on the floor.

Benefits of Tamil Traditional Bharadvaja Yoga Asana

It helps to cure Arthritis of lower back.
It helps to cure stiff Back.
It makes the Back supple.
It helps to perform advanced lateral twisting Yoga Asanas.
It exercises dorsal and lumbar region of spine.
It cures hunchback.
It also relieves sciatica problems.

Hope this Bharadvajasana will help you to feel better.


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