How to do Tamil traditional SIRSASANA yoga asana -HEADSTAND

Sirasasana is called as KING of all YOGA ASANA. Yoga asanas tunes Endocrine systems and restores its functions if any disorder is there. The Pituitary gland is considered as Mother of all glands. If this Pituitary gland does not function properly our human body will not function as it should be. In this article you will know how SIRSASANA helps to nourish Pituitary and other important glands in the brain as well. Hope this article will help you to recover from chronic disease caused by Endocrine glands.

How to perform Tamil traditional SIRSASANA-HEADSTAND

Sit in VAJIRASANA. Bend forward. Catch your right elbows with your left palm and your left elbow with right palm Place your elbows in front of your knees at a feet distance, on the ground.. Now spread your palms forward and clench your fingers. While clenching adjust your either right or left little finger by placing it in front of your left or right little finger. Because while balance your body on the triangle position you will feel a cutting pain on the little finger if you place it in a clench position. Now your elbow will form a triangle shape.

Now bend forward. Place your crown in between your finger clench. Slowly raise your seat and position your crown on the ground firmly. Now raise your knees from the ground and stretch it. In this position your elbow, forearm, little finger, crown and your toes will be touching the ground. This position is called ARDHA SIRSASANA. It is also a preparatory pose for SIRSASANA-HEADSTAND.


Now gently walk on your toes towards your head. While walking in this position slowly your body weight shifts to your triangle hand position and your crown. At a point you cannot walk further on your toes and you will feel your toes raise off the ground and try to bend your knees towards your seat muscles. Now in this phase you have to balance your weight on your crown and triangle hand position otherwise you will fall down. It takes time and regular practice to get this control. If you are able to balance and maintain this position for 30 seconds you can perform complete SIRSASANA-HEADSTAND.

After getting balance try to raise your legs towards ceiling with balance and stretch them straight. Initially with help of some other person you can try this safely. Once you achieved the balance you can try it on your own. Your body weight should be borne by your crown and hands should be support factor. While staying in SIRSASNA-HEADSTAND align your body to be perpendicular to ground. If you perform this asana perfectly you should feel pressure on your crown circle like one rupee coin. Once you achieve balance try to bring down legs to the ground without bending the knees and also raise them without bending the knees. Initially maintain this pose for 30 seconds and gradually increase the time.

Health benefits of Tamil traditional SIRSASANA-HEADSTAND

Because of its immense benefits SIRSASANA-HEADSTAND is consider as KING of all asanas. During this asana brain receives rich blood supply. Vital glands, the pituitary and pineal glands are situated in brain which controls our growth. The pituitary gland is consider as mother of all glands in the endocrine system. Only this pituitary gland gives instructions to all glands to secrete needed enzymes in needed time. If this gland does not function properly then the entire endocrine system will not perform properly. SIRSASANA-HEADSTAND tones this gland by supplying enormous amount of oxygenate blood.

By performing regularly this asana one can develop agility and sound health.
Weakness gradually disappears.
Its a boom for depression as it cures and elevates your mood level.
Sound sleep can be experienced while practicing this asana regularly.
Anger and mood swings will be gradually come down by regular practice of this asana.

Who should not practice SIRSASANA-HEADSTAND

High blood pressure patient should not practice this asana.
During menstruation women should not practice this asana.
People suffered from back or neck injury or surgery should consult physician before attempt to practice this asana.
Pregnant women should not practice this asana.

Hope this article will help you to understand the values of SIRSASANA-HEADSTAND. Start practice and enjoy a good health.


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