Tamil subha muhurtham and brahma muhurtham auspicious marriage day and time

This is the information on Tamil subha muhurtham and brahma muhurtham auspicious marriage day and time details. Perfect date and time is very important to perform wedding and other family rituals. If you want to perform marriage in your family, you can easily choose a perfect brahma muhurtham date and time by using any 2015 Tamil calendar.

Muhurtham means the auspicious or fortunate time opted for any important occasion or act in human life. Muhurtham is fixed according to Hindu calendar. Generally a Muhurtham is a time span of around 48 minutes. Every human being wishes to get success in important events and occasions in life. Any problem or unwanted situation should be avoided for such occasions. Thus people prefer to see Muhurtham before starting any new work. It is believed that when the things are started or conducted on chosen muhurtham they complete successfully without any trouble.

Importance of Tamil muhurtham

Ayurveda also believes on Muhurtham. Ayurveda therapy explains that every month on 8th day the distance between moon and the earth remains maximum and because of this it is believed that the medicines stays stable in the stomach and cures illness faster. Thus ayurveda therapists prefer to give medicines on 8thday of cosmological month.

For further explanation we can say that Muhurtham is a time which can improve your chances of getting success easily. To find perfect muhurtham, five attributes are taken into consideration. They are vara that is weekday, Tithi that is lunar day, nakshatra that is asterism, yoga and karana. These five attributes are found with the help of planet position through panchanga. Also it is necessary to check the moon position on that particular time. It is also important to check the personal horoscope of an individual to find correct muhurtham.

What is the scientific reason behind Muhurtham?

It is scientifically proven that the gravitational force between the planets can affect the lives of non living things and living beings on the earth. We can see that the gravitational force between the earth and moon can cause tides in the ocean and many more things. In the same way finding muhurtham is finding perfect planet position suitable for favourable results. Astrology is a kind of science based on time. Astrology especially deals with the planetary position of every human being. The position of sun and moon plays an important role on biological and psychological elements of human being. From the ancient period it is seen that planet position has affected every aspect of human life. The seasons and solar energy can affect directly on farming actions like cultivation, growth or harvest of plants.

Tamil brahma muhurtham

It is easy to understand that Sun's light and energy is spread all over the world. From the ancient time it is believed that sun rays can affect human brain. Scientifically it is proven that sun rays can stimulates brain cells and makes the brain active. From the ancient period the electrical and magnetic powers are used for the progress of the man. Brahma muhurtham is the time when the sun rays spread maximum energy level which is very beneficial for human brain development. Our sages take advantage of this muhurtham to increase their powers. Brahma muhurtham is considered as the best time for meditation and yoga for mind and body benefits. It is believed that our mind and thinking capacity is on highest level early in the morning. It is said that the early morning wind is beneficial as it is charged with the rays of moon and stars. This wind is known as Veeravayu. The wind during brahma muhurtham is very beneficial for sharp mind and healthy body.

Tamil astrologycal facts

Generally Muhurtham depends upon 30 kalas. These kalas are made up of 30 kashthas and every kashtha is made up of 18 nimishas. This every Kala is of 48 minutes. Among these 30 kalas Jiva/ Amrta and Brahma are supposed to be very good muhurthams.

Rahu kalam and Yamagandam timing

From the ancient time it is believed that Rahu and Ketu can affect human life adversely. And they are considered as inauspicious. Thus Rahukalam is supposed to be an unfavourable time to start or conduct any important work. Everyday 90 minutes are considered as Rahukalam but the duration and time span changes daily depending upon sunrise and sunset. Other than Rahukalam, Yamagandam is also considered as inauspicious time for any task. Yamagandam is the time of elliptic intersection of Sun and moon. It is believed that anything done during this time can lead to death or failure of that particular work.

Gulika or Blossoming time
It is one of the most auspicious muhurtham. This time is very good and beneficial for success and happiness.

Shoolam is the time span which is not considered good for starting of any journey toward particular direction. So it is better to check shoolam direction on that particular day before starting journey.

Tamil subha muhurtham

It is considered as most auspicious muhurtham to get grand success. During Shukla Paksha this day becomes more auspicious. This is the time span when it is not necessary to find out any tithi or nakshatra or rashi of an individual. This muhurtham is present every day for 48 minutes. This muhurtham is considered as the time which can remove all the doshas and can achieve victory. To find the Abhijit muhurtham, experts calculate with the help of timings of Sunrise and Sunset.


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