Tamilnadu Temple Architecture Information

This is the information on Tamilnadu temple architecture. Tamil nadu is always special for its culture and temple architecture. Temples built in the period of Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, Nayakas and the Vijaynagar rulers are the great evidence for amazing architectural style. Here is the detailed information for you to know about Tamil heritage and architecture.

Tamil nadu is famous for its rich heritage and beautiful temple architecture. The state is widely known as the land of temples. One can see the amazing architecture of temples in Tamil nadu. Some temples are more than 1700 years old and remind about ancient history of India. The carvings and sculptures on temples in Tamil nadu represent the wonderful craftsmanship and creativity of the artists and sculptors of that era. We can take an eye catching experience of Dravidian culture and style through the 'Gopurams' built in temple complexes in Tamil nadu. The temples in the state are the mirror of hindu culture and architectural style. These are the temples which give us idea about the ancient kingdoms and the empires which have left behind the affluent symbol of Indian tradition. Temples play an important role to enhance the improvement of tourism department. Tourists from tamil nadu, other Indian states and foreign countries visits here to admire the architecture of Tamil temples.

Tamil nadu Temple architecture

Tamil nadu temples are the wonderful symbols of architecture by the Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, the Nayakas and the Vijaynagar rulers. These rulers have left behind the ideas about the art and craft of ancient Indian heritage through their architecture. We can see thousands of temples with high towers ready to touch the sky here in this state. From the ancient time Tamil people are considered as best temple builders. In Tamil nadu you can find the temples right from pre Christian era to the latest temples of 20th century. One cannot deny the contribution of our ancient monarchs in appreciating and supporting the architecture.

The temples in The Pallava and Pandya era

The foundation of this beautiful temple architecture was marked in the Pallavas and Pandyas era, when cave temples were built. This supported the idea of making a structure of a temple by cutting single stones. These types of constructions are seen at Mamandur, Tiruchirappalli and Pallavaram built by Mahendravarman. You can see the amazing cave temples with little distinction with bas reliefs, monoliths and cutout rocks at Mamallapuram constructed by Mamalla Narasimhavarman, son of Mahendravarman. Kanchipuram is known as the 'City of Thousand Temples'. In Kanchipuram the Kailasanathat temple is famous for its structural architecture. Shore temple at Mamallapuram is also another example of structural temple. Rajasimha and Narasimha Varman II are the inventors of these types of structural temples.

Temple architecture during Chola rulers

Chola rulers established their dynasty during 9th century and contributed a lot in building temples. During this period, various changes were made in temple architecture. The numerous layers for the temples, High towered Gopurams, Parivaras and separate place of worship for the Goddess were introduced during Chola rule only. We can see the grand architecture of this era in the Brihadeeswarar temple at Thanjavur. Fantastic temple architecture at Parasuram, Thirverkadu, Kumbakonam are the symbols of chola temple architecture skill.

Architecture during Vijayanagar period

During the period of Vijaynagar rulers many changes and embellishments were done with the built temples. During this era many new temples were built with entirely new style. The Gopurams which were introduced during Chola periods were built taller than the earlier to give gigantic feel. The mandapams were also built very huge than earlier. You can experience the vibrant and giant symbol of Vijayanagar architecture through the temples at Srirnagam, Kanchipuram, Chidambaram and Tiruvannamalai.

Unique architecture of Nayak rulers

The best examples of amazing architecture during Nayak rulers can be seen through the temples at Madurai, Rameshwaram, Tirunelveli and Srivilliputhur. The nayak rulers from Madurai added the grace and the beauty to the temples built during Vijayanagar era. The temple architecture are still speaking the uniqueness of nayak architecture style.


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