Tamil Guru peyarchi 2015 rasi palan Guru transit Astrology

This is the information on Tamil Guru peyarchi 2015. In the year 2015 Guru is going to move in Leo rasi. The transition will take place on 14th July 2015 and Jupiter will stay in Leo till 11th of August. The transit of this major planet will show effect on all the other rashis surely. Let's take a look over the good and bad effects of guru transit on other zodiac signs.

Guru peyarchi 2015 mesha rasi palan Aries

Jupiter is going to transit in the 5th house of Aries. The transition of guru in this house is very beneficial for your rashi. It will bring lots of happiness and cheer in your family. Career side will be good and those who are involved in jobs can wait for higher promotion or better job opportunity. Support from friends and relatives will help you for business plans. The transit of guru will be give you a better social status.

Guru peyarchi 2015 for rishaba rasi Taurus

The Jupiter transit is going to prove very positive for you. Enjoy lots of comfort and happiness throughout the year. High chances of purchasing own property or vehicle is predicted. The transit will bring lot of good luck for your rashi. Career status will be high during this year. Those who are waiting for wedding bells will get suitable proposals. Those who are planning for new business plans can go ahead as the planet placement is very suitable.

Guru peyarchi 2015 mithuna rasi palan Gemini

Jupiter is transiting in your third house, which will be fruitful for your rashi. Your self confidence will help you to achieve your goal. Social circle will be expanded and you can earn appreciation for your good efforts. Long business journeys will prove beneficial. Those who are in business can think about the expansion during this year. New contacts will be useful. Family life will be cheerful.

Guru peyarchi 2015 Kataka rasi palan Cancer:

Transition of Jupiter is going to show very positive results on your rashi. Financial flow will increase. Some religious activity will take place in the family. Your hard work will be rewarded by the seniors and you will enjoy a high social status in the year. There are high chances to get good news from your blood relations. Health will be fine. Those who are in love can dream about the marriage this year.

Guru peyarchi 2015 Simha rasi palan Leo

The Jupiter is transiting in the first house of Leo rashi. The year will bring happiness in your life. Family life will be supportive. Those who are planning to change their job can get a better opportunity this year. Professional life will be fantastic. Money flow will increase but you need to pay attention on your expenditures. Friends will be supportive. Family tours are predicted.

Guru peyarchi 2015 kanni rasi palan Virgo

The Jupiter is going to transit in the 12th house of your rashi which is not going to prove good for you. Avoid changing job during this period. Investment in new plans will not be fruitful. You need to be patient and wait for the days to change. Health will give you some troubles during the second half of the month. Avoid long journeys. Expenditure will be more than income so better to save money from now itself. Some family disputes will disturb your personal life.

Guru peyarchi 2015 thula rasi palan Libra

The Jupiter transit in the 11th house of your rashi will show you a new career path. It is a good time for your family and friends. Money flow will be satisfactory. Some religious activity will take place in the family. You can get good news from your children. New job interviews will knock your door. Chances of marriage are high for the bachelors.

Guru peyarchi 2015 rasi palan Viruchigam Scorpio

The Jupiter is moving in the 10th house of your rashi. This will bring positive results in your life. Business will flourish during the year. New business expansion is also predicted. Those who are in job can wait for high promotion. Better job opportunities will be at your door step. Family life will be supportive and cheerful. Health will be fit and fine. Chances of getting sudden profit in property deal are highly predicted.

Guru peyarchi Dhanusu Rasi Palan 2015 Sagittarius

The Jupiter transit in the 9th house of your rashi will bring lots of good luck in your rashi. Career side will be very good for the people under this rashi. You can enjoy finance and high status during this year. Success will touch your feet throughout the year. Family life will be cheerful. The increased financial flow will give new confidence for you. New responsibilities in job will make your life bit stressful. Engage yourself in meditation for peace of mind and relaxation.

Guru peyarchi 2015 makara rasi Palan Capricorn

Jupiter is transiting in the 8th house of your rashi. This transit will bring lots of health problems for you. Financially the year is good for you. Sudden money gain is predicted. The time is not good for any kind of investment. Job stress will affect your family life also. Avoid small disputes in the family. Avoid long journeys.

Guru peyarchi 2015 Kumbha rasi Aquarius

The transit of Jupiter in 7th house of your rashi will show you positive results. Success will follow you throughout the year. The time is very good for your rashi. Financial status will be excellent. Wedding bells will ring in your family. Married couples can enjoy expected life. Your new business plans will be fruitful. Advice from elders in the family will be beneficial in business.

Guru peyarchi 2015 Meena rasi palanPisces

Jupiter transit in the 6th house of your rashi will bring success in your life. You need to work hard to achieve your goal. Family and friends will be encouraging. New responsibilities will be completed successfully and you will achieve a big appreciation for your work. Health will be fine. Money flow will increase during the second half of the year.


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