Janmashtami Festival

Janmashtami Festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm in India.

Brief History of Janmashtami

The Janmashtami festival is related to the birth of Lord ShriKrishna. Since when it starts is a matter of guess. Stories are like that: nearly five and half thousands years ago there was a king Kamsa in Mathura of Uttar Pradesh. He was cruel in nature. King Kamsa's sister Devaki was married to king Vasudeva. After completion of the marriage, Kamsa got the message that he had a danger from Devaki and Vasudeva. The eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva would kill king Kamsa and this was twist of the entire episode.

King Kamsa planned to kill Devaki for the shake of his own life. Ultimately Vasudeva made an agrrement with Kamsa that very new born child of them would be surrendered to Kamsa. Kamsa was pleased and forced Devaki and Vasudeva to live in prison in his palace. The couple were under constant watch of his royal guards. Every time a child is born, Kamsa would murder the baby. Consecutive seven babies were killed by king Kamsa. Then came the time, the couple expected their eighth baby.

In the night miracle happened. All the doors of the prison were opened automatically, guards were sleeping. Devaki gave birth to a male baby with dark complexion, beautiful looking. Voice from the sky came, ordered Vasudeva to take the child to Gokul, Nanda was the king there. King Nanda's wife Yashoda also given birth to a daughter. The akashvani ordered Vasudeva to exchange his son with the daughter of King Nanda and return to the prison immediately. On that rainy night, Vasudev crossed the river Yamuna, A five mouthed snake gave protection through out the journey and acted as a hood for Lord Krishna. Both king Nanda and his wife Yashoda were sleeping. Vasudeva exchange Lord Krishna with the daughter of King Nanda and came back to the prison of Kamsa. Every thing again went back to previous condition. The doors were closed automatically, the guards woke up, the shackles used to tie Devaki and Vasudeva again tied them.

King Kamsa got the news and came to kill the baby. He tried but failed. Again the akashvani came with the message that his destroyer is elsewhere and one day he would kill Kamsa.

Hindus believe this and every year on this Janmashtami day, birth of Lord SreeKrishna is celebrated whole over in India and out side India.

Janmashtami celebration in West Bengal


Janmashtami is celebrated in every where of Bengal. The famous celebration spots where people would come from different corner of Bengal are ISKCON.
Every year ISKCON celebrate Janmashtami with great devotion. On this day, bhajan sabha would be organized and the devotees would dance. On a small swing idol of Lord Krishna and Radha would be placed with full decoration.

Another location is Birla Mandir in Kolkata. The largest and costliest temple will be decorated nicely on this occasion. Every year long queue of people are seen in that temple on this special occasion.

Other famous spots are Shyamsunder Tala Mandir, Dakshineswar Mandir etc.

Janmashtami Celebration in Mathura is world famous. Lord Krishna was born in Mathura. So, at Mathura -Vrindavan Janmashtami is celebrated with great spirit.

Janmashtami Celebration is done with great enthusiasm in Maharastra. Lord Krishna is represented here as Makhan Chor.

Out side India the other countries celebrate the occasion are Nepal,
USA, Canada, Australia,France, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand.

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