Rice and agriculture is the major activity of the people of West Bengal

In West Bengal most of the people are associated with agricultural industry of which rice is the major one.

In West Bengal rice is the major industry and rice cultivation is the major occupation of the people of Bengal. The whole economy of Bengal is depended with the production of rice only. There are other grains too which are grown in the lands of Bengal but that does not influence the economy of Bengal as much as rice does. The main reason of agriculture as an occupation of people of Bengal is the fertile soil in bengal and the presence of the irrigational facilties in Bengal and a suitable amount of rainfall too. All this facilities and services are given by the nature itself to Bengal. There are rice mills too in West Bengal for the processing of the rice. This rice mills in Bengal are under private ownerships. With the development of machineries in the rice mills the rice quality in Bengal has been improving day by day. West Bengal also exports a large quantity of Rice. Merchants are engaged in this export business of rice. The rice is been exported to the near by countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and its very popular too over there. Rice is such a crop whose each and every part is essential and nothing is a waste product in it. Rice Bran which is made in the rice mills from the rice only is processed in the factories and bran oil is produced which is edible and used for cooking purposes. The husk of the rice is given to the cattle as a food for them. The roots of the rice acts as a bio-fertilizer and helps in restoring the fertility of the soil. Rice Bran oil is also very popular in Bengal. Some major industries are there which process this rice bran for producing rice bran oil, example "Sethia oil mills limited". This mills do the job of refining the rice bran and extracting oil from it. The river Ganga also helps the production of rice as it gives water for irrigation to the farmers of Bengal as well as the river banks are also very fertile and in each year one land can be cultivated two times. During the summers the seeds are put in the ground and ploughed, as it receives rainfall and water from irrigation the rice plants grows and during the spring these rice are cut. The major drawback of this rice is to the farmers. Due to low rainfall the farmers have to suffer a lot. Suicide cases are seen in many parts of West Bengal as they have no other way out other than selling their rice to sustain their life and if that only fails they need to suffer a lot.

Some other vegetables are also grown in West Bengal like potatoes. This is mainly grown in the winter season. Slowly industrialization is taking place in Bengal which should not actually take place as Bengal's main economy is based upon agriculture and if thats removed then what people will eat and how they will survive?


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