Bengali Seba Samaj: Ahmedabad Bengali Community, Gujarat Bengali Associations

The Bengali Seba Samaj has done a great job in promoting the culture of Bengali traditions and Bengali festival committees towards making a huge success of Ahmedabad Bengali Associations. Read the Resource to know about the management and associations of Bengali Seba Samaj, their Core member group and their Social causes in Bengali Seba Samaj.

Bengali Seba Samaj: Core Member Group

The Bengali Seba Samaj has done a tremendous worklift in bringing upon the heritage of Bengali community in Ahmedabad and further making things quite lively without being in their own state in West Bengal. The Bengali Seba Samaj has done tremendous workout in bringing upon the gathering of Bengali People's Associations in Ahmedabad thereby making a tremendous effort in pulling upon the gauges of Bengali people making them feel a great time fun in Ahmedabad itself. The Bengali Seba Samaj, though have been quite best in Ahmedabad has given an equal and ample opportunities to members to bring up the heritage of entire Bengali cultures and traditions maintained throughout the work for making a great connection of Bengali heritage right down to western coast of Ahmedabad.

The belief that Bengali people can form a great group, the commencement of Bengali Seba Samaj took place in the early year 1996. Since then, there has been no stopping for this great geared group to promote the works and associations of Bengali culture and bringing upon a tremendous work for Bengalis in Ahmedabad. Actually sources say that Bengali Seba Samaj was formed with a group of 10 members handling in the starting year, but today a bunch of 150 members are fighting up for the spirits of Bengali Associations and maintaining the traditions and cultures of Bengali right throughout till date.

Bengali Seba Samaj: Management and Associations

Bengali Seba Samaj has a link with many other associations in Ahmedabad and also within Gujarat. So they receive news regarding the community Bengali news from all over the state and accordingly prepare and plan out the activities and association groups for the state. The Bengali Seba Samaj makes sure that they choose appropriate and leading people to their core group members since this group is liable to increase its database workout in near future. Moreover their management in preparations and recreations during the Durga Puja Festivals, Kali Puja Festivals, Jagaddhati Puja and Saraswati Puja Celebrations just brings about the entire limelight towards the making of the management group. Moreover their Associations with other core group members helps them to get the latest benefits regarding the Puja festival preparations, dates and many other management activities like Card distributions during Pujas and helping to reach out members during Puja Organization Members during individuals home. So this makes quite a nice work force for the management and associations for Bengali Seba Samaj.

Bengali Seba Samaj: Group Activity Programmes

Another quite exciting prospect of Bengali Seba Samaj is the co-ordination in the making of such a great concept that brings about an indepth analysis and programmes planned by the Core group members of Bengali Seba Samaj. The Bengali Seba Samaj comprises of lot of festival party programmes for Bengali people in Ahmedabad since the prospect brings about the participations and upbringing in the efforts from all the Bengalis. Moreover the best things are observed during the main Bengali festival Puja like Durga Puja Celebrations where the organizers covers two Puja places in the entire Ahmedabad city for better communication for the Bengali people.

Festivals like Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja and Jagaddhati Puja are also campaigned with festive moods and best participation to make the things look quite better in every occasion. When we look into the aspect of Bengali Community in Ahmedabad, the Bengali Seba Samaj proves out to come as representatives of the entire city of Ahmedabad though the expose of the Samaj is not so. They have been into some low profiles, but have been emerged to win the hearts of Bengalis all around since they have been able to manage up with great speculations and applications in bringing Bengali community rise from step to step.

Bengali Seba Samaj: Social Activities and Fund Management

The Bengali Seba Samaj implements not only activities as stated above with full public interest, but also does the best works in getting the mode for Social causes in upbringing the low people in Ahmedabad City. The Government of Gujarat and Chief Minister of Gujarat: Shri Narendra Modi handed a trophy of appreciation and full participation in taking up the pledge of lessening the slavery and slum area people with their full support. The Bengali Seba Samaj community Chairman has declared that there should be equal balance in supporting the movement for Bengal in Ahmedabad city and should be credited with the efforts brought forward from the side of people.

The Bengali Seba Samaj, today has some helpful members and even children from their side to promote the activities and lessening the illiteracy in Ahmedabad. So as far as the governing part is concerned, the Samaj is really doing well from both the prospect of having build such a beautiful campaign that supports that Bengali cultures and traditions and also giving rise to bring Ahmedabad city out of some illiteracy. There's no question to put up, why they are the best, its is because of their extensive support and multiplication that has created such a beautiful campaign across the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat.


Guest Author: Tamal Baran Moitra03 Dec 2014

I am working as Assistant Commissioner with Min. of Labour & Employment Govt of India have recently been posted to Ahmedabad from Kolkata. I would like to be associated with an Association like Bengali Seba Samaj, Ahmedabad and contribute towards the cause of the Association in any manner possible. Please respond with the Contact details of the functionaries of the Association to me.

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